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Mastering The Mix LEVELS v1.2 (TEAM AUDiTOR)

Категория: Эффекты от M до Z

Mastering The Mix - LEVELS v1.1.0 (TEAM R2R)

Измерительные приборы скучны и неинтуитивны для большинства мьюзик-мейкеров, но необходимы, чтобы получить технически великолепный микс. Инструмент Mastering The Mix - LEVELS для продюсеров, который они захотят использовать. Мы хотели дать им легкое решение для оценки технических деталей своей музыки, но с потрясающим пользовательским опытом.


- True peak meter to make sure your masters don't clip.
- Standard peak meter. Keep it below -6dB for a perfect final mix
- EBU R128 compliant integrated and short term LUFS meters. The most accurate way to analyse perceived loudness.

Stereo Field

- Vectorscope to visualise stereo width.
- Correlation meter to monitor phase issues.
- Left/Right meter to assess the balance of your mix.
- Low Pass button solos your low frequencies below 300hz so you can see their stereo width.

Dynamic Range

- Instantly see if your music is overcompressed
- Oscilloscope glows green if your music is dynamic.
- 'DR' Dynamic Range display based on reliable Short Term LUFS to peak ratio.

Bass Space

- Identifies if any channels are outputting unwanted low frequencies.
- Helps you clean up your low end giving your track punch and clarity.
- Level meters for 40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 160Hz.

LEVELS v1.1 New Features

* Significantly Improved Stereo Field graphics - The stereo field section now provides much more detail and information, giving user a better understanding of their stereo spread.

* Significantly Improved Dynamic Range graphics - A visual improvement to enhance the user experience.

* Mixing and Mastering Presets - It has been the norm to create one final master and use it in all scenarios. However, given that music is consumed in many different ways, it’s more appropriate to create a few variations to best suit the distribution mediums you will be using. The mixing presets include ‘Balanced’, ‘Dynamic’, ‘Loud’, and ‘Punchy’, whereas the mastering presets include ‘CD’, 'Club', 'Composer', 'iTunes', 'Soundcloud', 'Streaming’ & 'Youtube’. Mastering The Mix aim with these presets is to help music producers present their music in the best possible quality to their fans, whatever platform they use.

* Total reset button - Rather than having to click each individual section to reset from red back to green, you will be able to to a total reset which will speed up your work process.

* Dynamic Range Section Free After Trial Ends - Once the standard 14 day free trial is over the Dynamic Range section will continue to work fully.

* CPU improvements & Bug fixes - Mastering The Mix haven't specified these but we understand that they are a raft of under the hood tweaks and fixes.

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