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27-09-2017, 17:29

Overloud MoReVoX REmatrix 1.2.7 CE rev.2 (Team V.R) - конволюционный ревербератор

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Overloud - REmatrix 1.0.0  WiN / Mac OSX - конволюционный ревербератор

Overloud - REmatrix - конволюционный ревербератор, использующий 5 индивидуальных импульсов для создания плотных, комплексных и уникальных пространств. Далее эффект реверберации может обрабатываться эффектами, разработанными для оживления, создания теплоты или для придания формы распада и создания характера реверба, которого невозможно достичь другими инструментами.

Why REmatrix
Impulse Response [IR] reverbs are great when you need to replicate a sampled space; however the typical IR offers only simplistic adjustments and does not allow more creative changes to the nature of the generated ambience.
What if you need that greater level of control? What if you want to more fundamentally change an underlying element originally captured inside the impulse response?

REmatrix is the answer
REmatrix combines five convolvers working simultaneously and in parallel without any phase issue. You can build your own IR by summing five separate IRs, offering an all new level of customizability inside the reverb. Each of the five IRs can be adjusted using multiple parameters while additional filters offer further tonal control. Furthermore, REmatrix has six Master Effects to refine the reverb's sound and fit the needs of your final mix.

REmatrix combines the best of convolution reverbs along with unprecedented levels of flexibility.

Whether you use the high quality factory library (based on the well-known MoReVoX libraries) or your own custom libraries, REmatrix lets you approach reverb with a brand new perspective and create both unique and unparalleled textures.

rev.2 - excluded wrong VST3

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