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HoRNet AutoGain Pro MK2 v2.0.1 WiN / OSX (Team R2R) - регулятор уровня громкости

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HoRNet AutoGain Pro MK2 v2.0.1 WiN / OSX (Team R2R) - регулятор уровня громкости

HoRNet AutoGain Pro MK2 v2 представляет собой гибкий процессор громкости с возможностью mid/side обработи. Плагин использует один и тот же код обработки, как и AutoGain Pro, но удваивает блоки обработки, обеспечивающие два различных датчика и два различных процессора.

The AutoGain Pro MK2 can emulate the behavior of the original AutoGain when set in “classic” mode, but it can also work in stereo or mid/side mode. Each of the detectors can use one of the five different source between internal or external types, each of the processors can use detector one or detector two as it source.

This kind of configuration gives AutoGain Pro MK2 a very high amount of flexibility that will let you get not just basic volume automation, but features that belongs to the compressors or transient shaper realm.

The detectors in AutoGain Pro MK2 allows you to fine tune the control signal for the processors thanks to the attack and release controls and the high pass and low pass filters that will let you restrict the bandwidth of the signal so that only the relevant part to your task is analyzed, you can also set the level of the detector signal to increase or decrease the effect on the processor.

The control signal created by each of the detectors is then passed to one of the processors that compares it to the level of the input signal for the processor, gain is computed and applied.

The amount of computed gain can be controlled with the “scaler” knob and limited with the “max gain” and “min gain” controls.

A large display shows the graph for the gain applied and the levels of the detector, these lines are relative to the minimum and maximum gain set for each processor and can be activated or deactivated as needed.

AutoGain Pro MK2 is one of the most versatile gain processors in the market and can give you a very deep amount of control.

Once you are happy with the computed gain you can trigger the automation writing mode and save the graphs movements to the host automation, set the plugin on read mode and use the stored automation from the host instead of the internal computing. Of course once the automation is written down you can edit and adjust it to taste.

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