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Boz Digital Labs The Wall v1.0.6 WiN / OSX (Team R2R) - плагин лимитер

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Boz Digital Labs The Wall v1.0.6 WiN / OSX (Team R2R) - плагин лимитер

Boz Digital Labs The Wall представляет собой лимитер, разработанный с одной целью в виду: сделать ваши миксы громкими без накручивания. Отправьте ваших клиентов домой с миксом, который столь же громкий, как профессиональные миксы, которые используются для слуха и являются важной частью работы какого-либо микс инженера.

But nothing drives me more insane than listening to all my hard work turn to garbage when pushing the mix loud. That’s why we made this plugin. We wanted a mastering limiter that lets you push your mixes loud and still keep the punch in your drums and keep your tonality intact.

There are many Limiters out there, and one of the things that we learned while making this is that a good limiting algorithm is complicated. There are tons of steps involved in transparently limiting music and most of the parameters are completely non-intuitive. When I’m mastering my music, I don’t want to think about release and attack times, lookahead times, window shapes, multiband crossover frequencies, etc. but I want to dial in the limiter to match the music I’m sending it.

So we took over 30 parameters and combined them into a very simple and intuitive “Flavor” control. It really couldn’t be easier to use. You set your level, then adjust the flavor until it sounds good with your song. And if that’s not enough, The Wall comes with 2 completely different limiting algorithms that you can switch through very quickly. It’s just so easy to use.


- Dual Limiting Modes
- Huge variety of styles with simple interface
- Sanity Check normalizes your level so you can compare your original sound with the compressed sound without introducing a level change.
- Up to 8x oversampling to prevent intersample peaks.
- Dithering, because… Why not?

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