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Inear Display Incipit v.1.2.1 x86/x64 Win/OSX - плагин дэлей

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Inear Display Incipit v.1.2.1 x86/x64 Win/OSX - плагин дэлей

Inear Display Incipit - инструментарий творческого дэлей. Созданный со звуковыми дизайнерами, Incipit также идеально подходит для музыкантов, которые хотят быстро мутировать свои звуки. Более того, вам нужна тонкая дублётная задержка или скрученная инопланетная текстура, интуитивный пользовательский интерфейс поможет вам быстро создать идеальный патч для решения этой задачи.

3 effect chains are at the heart of Incipit.
Each chain bundles a Pitch Shifter with a 4 octaves range and a Delay Line with optional tempo sync and Ping-Pong mode.
The chains can be processed in Parallel or Serial configurations.

The output of Incipit is processed by a warm sounding multi-mode filter adding character to the signal processed by the 3 chains.

4 powerful LFOs with high rate (up to 1000 Hz) and tempo sync options to add life to your patches.
3 Macro modulators to easily twist your patches by moving a single knob.
The routings are easily set up inside a powerful yet intuitive modulation matrix.

A randomizer with sub-groups and random depth control gives you an easy way to generate subtle variations of a patch or to turn your audio into a total chaos.
More than 80 factory presets thematically grouped (echoes, textures, sound manglers, templates) will get you started in no time.


3 Effect Chains including Pitch Shifter, Delay with optional tempo sync and output gain and panoramic controls
The chains can be processed in Parallel or Serial configurations
Optional Ping-Pong mode for the Delays
Mix amount for all the Pitch Shifters and Delays
Warm Sounding Multi-mode Filter (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch)
Processed signal Amplitude control
Dry/Wet Control
4 LFO Modulators with optional tempo sync and optional high rate mode (up to 1000 Hz)
3 Macro Modulators
All Modulations are processed at audio rate
Intuitive Modulation Matrix with positive and negative modulation amounts
Global Modulation Depth scaling parameter
Randomizer with sub-groups and random amount control
Over 80 factory presets
Clean Color Coded Interface
Scalable User Interface (up to 200%)
Undo and Redo
Copy settings across effect chains
Define a custom startup patch
Cross-Platform presets
MIDI Learn
MIDI program change support.

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