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eaReckon EARebound v1.1.0 CE (Team V.R) - плагин дэлей

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eaReckon EARebound v1.1.0 CE (Team V.R) - плагин дэлей

eaReckon EARebound - полнофункциональный плагин с несколькими дэлеями, который был разработан для удовлетворения конкретной потребности: быстро создавать ритмические линии от ударных звуков, записанных в различных средах (естественных, городских, промышленных, ...).

Recording these sounds, processing them through (carefully selected) effects in order to obtain multiple versions of them, loading and mapping them in a sampler, placing them in space, … takes a considerable amount of time and can be an obstacle to spontaneous creativity. In addition, even if we are satisfied with the results after hours of hard work, this rhythmic grail cannot be easily modified, as we would like, during live situations.

A first prototype of this thing was then born in 2011, offering 16 steps (the input + 15 delay lines) being processed by a dedicated set of shaping and positioning tools. The workflow was already similar to the one provided by a good old drum machine and it was enough to create rhythm lines from any kind of recorded sounds within a couple of minutes… lots of fun and saved time!

Great… but considering that not everyone shares my pathological obsession for environmental percussive sounds, it would have been a shame to keep EARebound as-is because it obviously has the potential to evolve into a more universal, easy to use and definitely ultra-creative product…

Apart from any situation where a solid delay unit is needed, EARebound is now particularly useful when it comes to create rhythm from any material or instantly enhance an existing audio loop.

What new 1.1.0:

•Redesigned GUI

•Available as AAX and VST3 (+VST2/AU)
•The AAX version is provided as a Stereo/Stereo, Stereo/Quad, Stereo/5.1 compatible plugin.
•The VST3 version should be useable with various speaker arrangements but it has been specifically optimized for Stereo, 5.1, 4.1, 5.0 and 4.0 buses.

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