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LVC-Audio - TonedPLUS v1.0.2 WiN (Team R2R) - плагин для формирования тембра

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LVC-Audio TonedPLUS v1.0.0 WiN/MAC (Team R2R) - плагин для формирования тембра

LVC-Audio - TonedPLUS является специализированным плагином для формирования тембра с выбором аналогового моделирования. TonedPLUS предназначен в первую очередь для использования в процессе мастеринга или на двух-трековых аудио шинах. TonedPLUS использует два отдельных процесса эквализации: трех полосную матрицу формирования тембра и специально разработанный high pass (HP) фильтр.

Simple but Flexible EQ

The three-band tone-shaping matrix uses a crossover-style filter bank of first-order filters (-6dB per octave). This type of equalization produces very gentle and broad filtering, with minimal alteration of phase. Very wide boosts and cuts can be accomplished while still sounding natural. This style of equalization also mimics some of the interactions between frequency bands that are commonly found in passive analog EQs and analog tone controls. The tone-shaping matrix can be applied to stereo channels, or switched to mid/side mode. Additionally, TonedPLUS can be switched to use a two-band matrix.

A Powerful High Pass

The HP filter is specifically designed for accurately adjusting the low/sub bass energy. The filter has selectable Q and roll-off. The scale of the HP controls is specific to low bass, and ranges from 10 Hz to 50 Hz (with accuracy to 0.01 Hz). Just like the tone controls, the HP filter can be applied to the stereo channels, or process audio in mid/side mode.

Analog Sound

In addition to all of the tone and HP controls, TonedPLUS also includes an analog modeling engine to simulate the sound of various hardware devices. Based on the same engine found in PreAMPed, TonedPLUS provides unlimited combinations. TonedPLUS allows the user to select from seven different electronic input coupling types, and five different internal amp types. Each input and amp model contains unique frequency characteristics, saturation, self noise, and other nuances. There is also a feedback control to simulate the effect of using negative feedback within an analog amplifier path.

Standard Controls

In addition to all of the tone controls, HP filter controls, and selectable analog modeling, TonedPLUS also includes many standard LVC-Audio features. This includes:
Stereo width and balance controls
Output Clipper
Phase reverse and left/right channel swap buttons
Delay and phase compensated mix control
Adjustable input and output metering with peak and loudness meters
Internal 64-bit precision with selectable oversampling rate (off, 2x, 4x, and 8x)
Knob controllers with fine- and superfine- control, and built-in A-B comparison

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