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24-05-2018, 08:10

Audio Assault Multi Transient v1.7 WiN-OSX RETAiL (SYNTHiC4TE) - плагин трансиент

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Audio Assault - Multi Transient WIN/MAC (Team BEAT) - плагин трансиент

Audio Assault Multi Transient является мощным инструментом для формирования звука, контролирования количество атаки и поддержки для каждого диапазона, в том числе мастер-выхода.

Perfect Drums
Multi Transient is the perfect tool to control and shape your drum sound, before reaching for a high shelf try boosting the attack on the highs, and boosting the sustain in the low mids, and if that isn't enough each band has a 2x button that doubles the intensity of the effect.

Using Multi Transient on all your drums you can make sure you get them to behave exactly how you want, and sound as powerful as you need them to be, and if you need even more of a boost you can adjust the final output with the master envelope shaper.
And If you had to record drums with 1 or 2 mics, you can use multi transient to bring out the cymbals,snare and kick easily.

Clean up vocals
Got a great vocal take but you don't like the sound of the room? No Problem!
Simply lower the sustain knob on the lower mid band and click the 2x button if necesary.

Mastering a track but can't get enough kick or snare? maybe the cymbals can't be heard properly?
Use Multi Transient to zone in and boost those problem areas.

Multi Transient coupled with a synth can be used to make even more exciting sounds,
using the 2x, Clip and Sustain options can add new and interesting textures to your sounds.

Multi Transient has been updated.

New Preset System ( From our newer plug-ins )
Mouse over value display
AU Name issues fixed.

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