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MAGIX Vegas Pro v16.0.0.352 WiN64 (Team R2R) - программа для видео/аудио монтажа

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MAGIX - Vegas Pro 14.0.0 Build 178 WiN - программа для видео/аудио монтажа

MAGIX Vegas Pro 16 ваш проект спутник от начала до конца. Редактирование профессионального видео и аудио материала в высоких форматах разрешения до 4K. Откройте для рабочих процессов, оптимизированных плагинов для стабилизации изображения, дизайн динамических заголовков и создавать собственные DVD-диски и Blu-Ray дисков. Испытайте новый тип творческой свободы с Vegas Pro 15.

A better way to edit, author, and deliver
VEGAS Pro provides all the tools you need to edit your video fast. Encode for 4K delivery or publish to your favorite streaming outlet. Or, author and deliver your production in HD with Dolby Digital sound on a Blu-ray disc. Whatever your final destination, VEGAS Pro takes you there faster than ever.

Work fast. Deliver faster.
Work more efficiently than ever before with a customizable user interface and precise, fast editing tools. Drag-and drop editing and authoring make quick work of production and delivery. Mix, match and edit popular formats, including HEVC, ProRes, AVC, and more, directly on the timeline without waiting for a re-wrap or transcode. Powerful hardware acceleration takes advantage of NVIDIA and Intel QSV technologies to shorten the rendering process. Designed and built specifically to save you time and enhance your creativity.

Work like never before with creative interaction
New Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins open up endless creative possibilities. Position, re-size, and animate picture-in-picture effects using controls directly on the Preview window and get instant feedback as you make adjustments. Use the same in-Preview controls to crop video or stills for creative effects.

Enhance your project with NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate ($299 value)
Filters 5 Ultimate from NewBlueFX gives you the power to fix or enhance your color scheme, apply creative lighting effects, change the color of a particular object in your video, add a warm glow or diffusion, and more. This collection of eight color-correction video filters and effects gives you incredible power to enhance your footage way beyond the ordinary.

DVD or High Definition Blu-ray Disc authoring
With its drag-and-drop workflow, DVD Architect, included with VEGAS Pro, makes it easy to author a professional-quality DVD or Blu-ray disc. Drag your media onto the workspace to automatically create custom navigation for feature videos, director’s notes, sound track music and more. Create custom keyframe-compatible graphic animation and overlays by importing multi-layer Photoshop files. A simple settings re-set enables you to burn an SD DVD and then switch and burn a HD Blu-ray disc.


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13 ноября 2016 01:30

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Установить Vegas Pro не удалось - "missing files on your computer" (бла-бла)..

24 июля 2018 03:43

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Ахахаха 1.5 года создавали иконку с дискетой пипец ржач))))
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