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23-06-2018, 20:43

MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.140 (Team R2R) - программа спектрального аудиоредактирования

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MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 4.0 CE (Team V.R) - программа спектрального аудиоредактирования

MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 5 - программы спектрального аудиоредактирования. Транспонировать, извлекать и оптимизировать звуки благодаря концепции уникальных слоев для частотного спектра.


Revolutionary audio editing: SpectraLayers Pro 5. The latest update is impressive with optimized workflows and improved performance as a standalone version as well as in cooperation with other programs such as Sound Forge Pro and AVID Pro Tools®.

Grouping layers for mixing

Add various levels to virtual groups in the mix. You can separate these by color from the rest and subdivide even more if you want.
Groups can be easily adjusted, muted and played back solo.

Faster selection: "Lock to Frequency"

"Lock to Frequency" offers extensive support for when you need to select individual frequency spectra. The algorithm sets the areas you have selected automatically!
"Lock to Frequency" simplifies the editing process hugely, since you can edit just the preselected frequencies in the full spectrum.

Seamless multi-project management

Now you can work on multiple projects simultaneously in new tabs and switch easily between them.
Files can be exchanged and applied.

Finally working release for you! Enjoy our emulator level work :)


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