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PreSonus Capture v2.3.4.44619 WiN (Team P2P) - мультитрековый рекордер

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PreSonus Capture v2.3.2.42749 WiN (Team P2P) - мультитрековый рекордер

PreSonus Capture v2 это приложение, специально разработанное, чтобы предоставить вам привлекательный графический интерфейс и множество инструментов для управления вашими живыми записями с помощью микшеров StudioLive лучше и эффективнее. Поскольку популярность домашней записи растет, не удивительно, что аудио-интерфейсы для микшеров также становятся все популярнее.

Enables you to create live mixes and edit tracks

Even though the program comes with a single-window interface, the GUI is well-organized, clean and easy to navigate, so it is unlikely that you can encounter any issues. You will be happy to learn that the app requires as little configuration as possible, particularly since the recording track is automatically patched with the corresponding inputs in the FireWire return of the mixer.

As far as editing is concerned, the utility packs several handy tools that enable you to select sections that you can improve and that you want to cut completely out of the recording. The other editing features worth mentioning include looping, eraser tool, bounce selection, meter bridge or the link button that allows you to record the track as a stereo interleaved file, for instance.

It comes with a powerful virtual sound check function

The virtual sound checker is a feature that can help you avert all sorts of inconveniences, such as when band members are late or do not show up at all, for example. Moreover, it can also be a godsend gift for the situations when you face certain artists who complain that their monitor mixes were not perfect from the beginning of the show, even though they did not want to be bothered with sound checks.

It is worth mentioning that the application enables you to export your mixes to AIFF or WAV file formats, each with various resolution and sample rate options. The app permits you to store your audio files on a standard audio CD (WAV file, 16-bit resolution and 4.1 kHz sample rate).

A useful tool for anyone using StudioLive mixers

In the eventuality that you are a sound technician regularly in charge with sound checks before concerts and you are using a StudioLive mixer as aid, then PreSonus Capture is a utility that can lend you a hand with taking care of common tasks.

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