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Sound Dust Prepared Pianet (KONTAKT) - библиотека электропиано

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Sound Dust Prepared Pianet (KONTAKT) - библиотека электропиано

Sound Dust Prepared Pianet - библиотека звуков электропиано Pianet T. Это маленькое чудо состоит из трех наборов инструментов - акустических, приглушенных и усиленных. В каждом наборе есть несколько полностью настраиваемых звуков, которые можно редактировать, смешивать и давать полную обработку звуковой пылью, чтобы создать свою собственную уникальную Prepared Pianet.

As with all Sound Dust instruments the Prepared Pianet is rich with possibility. The audible charms and eccentricities of classic tine and pickup electric pianos are utilised and brought under the control of the player as never before.

All sounds were carefully sampled from the source instrument, a Hohner Pianet T, using three techniques; Very close mic-ed for acoustic harmonics and dissonance, muted with a finger placed delicately on each tine for a thumb piano feel, and through high quality pre-amps. As with other Sound Dust instruments the results can be thought of as a self-contained orchestra of the surreal. The Prepared Pianet offers superb standard electric pianos and heavily processed tines. Stratospheric pads are under-laid with electronic tweets and chatter. Played lower down the scale, a muted piano becomes an unstable electro bass. Whacked out opportunities abound, from evolving electronics, snappy acoustics and indescribable musical tones and frequencies. The percussive blasts and tinkling subtleties which can be achieved inspire the imagination.

What's inside?

Acoustic Pianet - very tricky to record because these things are very quiet - 6 velocity layers of close mic-ed tines
Muted Pianet - a delicate finger layed expertly on each tine and recorded through a Warm Audio Tone Beast preamp - 6 velocity layers
Amped Pianet - nice long resonant notes, clean or amped - 4 velocity layers
Individual controls for octave, volume, sample start, pan, stereo width, attack curve, ADSR, vibrato and reverb send per pianet
960 24bit mono samples = 280mb with Native Instruments propriety compression
24 custom convolution reverbs per piano
4 fully controllable instrument effects - chorus, rotor, phaser and master algorithmic reverb
Master FX page - master EQ, tape and valve modelling plus transient designer
Keyboard Velocity and Round Robin modelling page
3 Kontakt instruments - Prepared Pianet, 3 X Muted Pianets and 3 X Acoustic Pianets
46 instrument snapshots
Handy build in instructions in RTFM page

FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above is required.

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