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  • Просмотров: 1975
  • Автор: Rocki
  • Дата: 30-04-2018, 21:37
30-04-2018, 21:37

Sonus Dept EMPYREALM (KONTAKT) - библиотека атмосферных звуков

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Sonus Dept EMPYREALM (KONTAKT) - библиотека атмосферных звуков

Sonus Dept EMPYREALM - это звуковая библиотека для Native Instruments Kontakt. Empyrealm - это полное и доступное решение для всех, кто ищет атмосферные звуки в более широком смысле слова, от эфирных падов до жутких дронов, от звуков природы до прозрачных металлических перкуссий. Эта огромная библиотека, содержащая более 2,8 ГБ звуков и 67 патчей Kontakt, состоит из этих модулей.

• Forest Of Drones: 25 x patches devoted to evolving gloomy soundscapes, with sounds that can be modulated in multiple ways, giving you an ever changing atmosphere.

• Padradise: 16 x carefully crafted patches featuring immersive, deep and huge sounding pads, with unrivaled sonic detail and eerie feeling.

• Mysteries Of Creation: 9 x patches to build nature soundscapes, featuring real field recordings taken in the wildlife. Creating a credible and evolving naturalistic soundtrack has never been that easy.

• Secrets Of Hephaestus: 11 x detailed patches with ritual metal percussions and other magical hi-pitched instruments.

• Sidewinds: 6 x windscapes, occasionally with bonus rain and thunders, to fulfill any atmospherical need.

Its complex architecture features a 2D vector with 4 seamlessly morphable layers of sound and a series of effects of any kind, plus three multishaped LFOs to modulate volume, pan and pitch. Moreover, every parameter is fully automatable, for a total of 115 automation destinations. Building up lively and ever changing textures has never been so easy!

The GUI features three tabs: one for global settings and filters, one for the effects and finally one for the modulators.

......:::::: This Is What Is included ::::::......

• 67 Patches for Native Instruments Kontakt for over 2.8 GB of sounds.

• All the patches have a vast range of effects, including: filters, equalizer, delay, reverb, phaser, pitch envelope and spatial effects. You won't need any additional effects to obtain the exact sound you are looking for.

• Each of the 115 parameters is fully automatable, you can create evolving and realistic sounds in a breeze.

• Everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 96kHz/24-Bits. You will notice the pristine quality of every single sound.

• Every patch has its own GUI, carefully crafted and oriented towards usability and beauty.

• Requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt v5.6+ or higher.

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