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Ilya Efimov - Nylon Strum (KONTAKT) - библиотека сэмплов гитарного аккомпанимента

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Ilya Efimov - Nylon Strum (KONTAKT) - библиотека  сэмплов гитарного аккомпанимента

Ilya Efimov - Nylon Strum является полностью функциональным модулем полностью нового поколения на основе сэмплирования, подражащий гитарному музыкальному сопровождению. Используя библиотеку вы сэкономите много времени и денег, так как вам не нужно будет нанимать профессионального гитариста, чтобы записать звук.
Nylon Strum не будет навязывать никаких ограничений на вашу творческую работу, легко и удобно с точки зрения использования.

To add guitar accompaniment you will just need to choose the style and press keys on the MIDI-keyboard. You can play simple and complicated chords in any arrangement as convenient to you. The Strum will do everything itself. The library does not know only easy chords; it’s familiar with a great variety of alternating and added tones. Each of 33 chord variations that can be recognized by out instrument has 4 positions. Altogether our library consists of 1584 TABs. If you don’t like any of the TABs you can edit it or create one of your own. Any chord, even the most complicated or fantastic can be created and saved for use inside the library or on your HDD.

Our unique Round Robin Chord system is used in the library. It is a complex system that helps to exclude an exact replica of a strum chord. The attack style, Peak noise variation, velocity of each string and Strum time (the time between attacks of each string during playing the chord) are also changed in a random way The Strum has many styles.

Altogether you can use 320 sells for patterns, 240 of which we made ready for your fast and easy access. You can easily edit any style of create your own. The whole editing process is visualized and easily understandable from the first introduction to our library. Styles, patterns and chords can be saved inside the instrument or separately on your HDD. For easy and fast switching between styles during working process you can chose patterns for your arrangement and compile them into songs.

Apart from the listed above, in our library you can find a variety of interesting options such as Reverb effects, Delay, EQ, Compressor and 20 sells to save you personal settings of those effects: Stereo Double track options that will give you an opportunity to imitate 2 guitars playing, and other settings to adjust the sound and style according to your taste.

Примечание: Вам потребуется установленный Native Instruments Kontakt +4.2.4 или Kontakt 5 http://music-create.org/other/1993-native-instruments-kontakt-5.html

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