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Impact Soundworks - Shreddage Drums (KONTAKT) - библиотека звуков ударных в rock, metal стиле

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Impact Soundworks - Shreddage Drums (KONTAKT) - библиотека звуков ударных в rock, metal стиле

Impact Soundworks - Shreddage Drums - всеобъемлющий rock и metal ударный инструмент для Kontakt Player. Созданный известным композитором Frank Klepacki, Shreddage Drums предлагает арсенал тяжелых ударов, радио-готовых драм звуков для ваших треков. С десятками включенных пресетов установок, ультра гибким микшером с полным контролем, полностью настраиваемым назначением и настройкой ударных, плюс более 700 MIDI грувов и заполнений от Groove Monkee, Shreddage Drums имеет все необходимое для создания брутальных треков ударных.

Shreddage Drums - Key Features
25,000+ samples provided as 16 and 24-bit
Custom-built for rock & metal music
Dozens of produced drum kit presets
Totally flexible mapping and keyboard layout
Extensive drum tweaking panel
Shape, tune, and pan every drum sound
Full mixer with extensive bleed options
Analog-modeled drum FX rack per channel
Flexible routing to your DAW mixer
Raw AND pre-produced drums included
700+ MIDI grooves and fills from Groove Monkee

Shreddage Drums comes packed with over 700 MIDI grooves and fills to inspire your creativity and flesh out your drum tracks! Created by Groove Monkee, these phenomenal MIDIs span a wide range of styles and time signatures and feature REAL performances from REAL drummers - not artificial sequences. The grooves and fills were recorded at tempos from 80 to 200 BPM and adapt perfectly to any project tempo.

The included grooves offer a small taste of the following Groove Monkee products: Progressive, Power Rock, Metal, and Hard Rock. So, if you use our "Shreddage Edition" (SE) grooves and crave even MORE awesome loops, we highly recommend heading to Groove Monkee for even more!

Shreddage Drums features an extremely powerful KONTAKT engine allowing for total control over drum kit design, mixing, routing, effects, and tweaks. In the image above, note the bus mixer along the bottom which gives flexible control over the volume, panning/width, and output routing of each microphone position. You can also tweak the overhead/room send to each mic which is very useful if you want a tight, focused kick or snare, but wide/roomy hihats and toms... or any other combination.

The Global tab offers even more mixing options including a 100% completely customizable velocity curve with numerous presets, as well as a full bleed matrix. Want your kick to bleed into your snare and tom mics? No problem. Hihat into snare? Sure! Shreddage Drums gives you complete control over advanced mixing and intelligently unloads mics and bleeds that are not being used.

Вам потребуется KONTAKT PLAYER или KONTAKT 5.4 и выше - http://music-create.org/other/1993-native-instruments-kontakt-5.html

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