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Ueberschall - Guitar Ballads Vol. 2 (ELASTIK) - банк для плеера ELASTIK

Категория: Сэмплы / Пресеты, банки, патчи

Ueberschall - Guitar Ballads Vol. 2 (ELASTIK) - банк для плеера ELASTIK

Ueberschall - Guitar Ballads Vol. 2 упакован гитарой на основе вдохновения, на котором вы можете создать свой следующий чистый балладный трек. С сильным акцентом на акустические и оба чистые и перегруженные электрические гитары, библиотека содержит также все необходимые ударные и бас элементы, наряду с редкими клавишными или струнными частями, необходимыми для построения полного музыкального оформления.

Classic Rock and Pop Ballads with a modern touch

Guitar Ballads 2 features 11 huge construction kits. With 7.5 GB of samples spread across over 1600 loops, each construction kit features multiple song sections including intros, outros, verse, chorus and ‘alternative’ sections that can form a bridge, pre-chorus or middle 8 within your arrangement. In turn, each song-section features multiple guitar parts and both pre-mixed and individual drum loops so you can add variations within your song-section and fully customize your drum mix.

For all song parts, individual instrument tracks are available allowing the song to be mixed to your personal vision and ideal integration of your own additional tracks. The drums offer separate tracks for bass drum in/out, snare top/bottom, hi-hat, cymbals, overheads, room, tom, shaker and tambourine as well as a professionally completed mix for fast use.

Besides the central acoustic and electric guitars being used, Guitar Ballads 2 also contains recordings of electric bass guitars, organs, strings as well as electric and acoustic pianos. All sounds have been carefully optimized sonically using high quality studio tools and supplemented by effects to create a matching atmosphere.

Smooth and emotional

With original tempos spanning 70 to 120bpm (and easily adjusted via Elastik’s high-quality time-stretching algorithms), the musical moods span the emotional to anthemic; if you are looking for big, bold, pop and rock ballads, Guitar Ballads 2 will get you there in an instant. Build your own arrangement and simply add the required vocal talent for a radio-ready mix.

Genre: Ballad

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/RTAS/Standalone

7.5 GB, 11 Construction Kits, 1612 Rock Loops and Samples.

Примечание: Вам потребуется установленный Ueberschall Elastik Player 2

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