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Ueberschall Cinematic Guitar Loops (ELASTIK) - банк для плеера ELASTIK

Категория: Сэмплы / Пресеты, банки, патчи

Ueberschall Cinematic Guitar Loops (ELASTIK) - банк для плеера ELASTIK

Ueberschall Cinematic Guitar Loops обеспечивает огромную коллекцию атмосферных гитарных спектаклей, которые сделали бы идеальным источником материалов для создания амбиент саундскейпов.

Библиотека охватывает некоторые 6.4Гб сэмплов и содержит около 1200 отдельных луппов, организованных в 100 строительных комплектов.

Cinematic Guitar Loops

As part of the Inspire series, Cinematic Guitar Loops provides a huge collection of atmospheric guitar performances that would make ideal source materials for music producers and media composers looking to create ambient soundscapes.

Dry And Processed Loops For Maximum Flexibility

The library spans some 6.4GB of sample data and contains nearly 1200 individual loops organized into 100 construction kits. Within each of these kits, three individual guitar parts are provided. There is also an associated bass part to deliver all the low end required. For each part, both dry and processed versions are included as well as two pre-mixed layers, giving 12 loops in total for each kit. The pre-mixed layers provide two alternate mixes and an ‘outro’ section for easy cue construction. All loops have a length of 8 to 16 bars and up to 32 seconds. Each of the kits is organized in exactly the same fashion making it very easy to navigate.
In addition, the kits themselves are organized into four categories – Themes, Ambient, FX and Distorted – so you can quickly find material suitable for the mood you wish to create. Stylistically, the kits span from the more melodic Themes category to the more abstract and darker Distorted category but, as you get all the dry recordings – and given the ease with which Elastik allows you to adjust the tempo and pitch of any loop – you can mix and match loops between any of the kits, adding your own processing options, for an almost endless number of musical possibilities. Elastik also makes it easy to pitch or tempo match the samples to any other musical elements – drums, synths, vocals, etc. – that you may have in your project.

Atmospheric Guitar-Based Loops

Whether you are looking for a soothing or melodic ambience or a darker, more disturbing, soundbed, this library will inspire your creativity. Cinematic Guitar Loops is an ideal choice for media composers.


All Guitars played by Kai Reuter
Genre: Cinematic

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/RTAS/Standalone

6.4 GB, 100 Construction Kits, 1192 Cinematic Loops & Samples.

Для использования библиотеки требуется Ueberschall Elastik Player.

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