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MoReVoX Budle for REmatrix (Team R2R) - пресеты для REmatrix

Категория: Сэмплы / Пресеты, банки, патчи

MoReVoX Budle for REmatrix (Team R2R) - пресеты для REmatrix

MoReVoX Budle for REmatrix - сборка пресетов для конволюционного ревербератора REmatrix от Overloud. Каждый из этих совершенно новых импульсных характеристик был разработан с нуля и тщательно адаптирован для движка REmatrix, расширяя заводскую библиотеку и предоставляя тысячи новых звуков реверберации.
Содержит следующие паки: MoReVoX REXP, MoReVoX GoldenGlue Platinum, MoReVoX Imagined Spaces, MoReVoX Factory Library, MoReVoX Drive Blast.


REXP is a collection of 125 pristine impulse responses with 100 individual presets.
Each of these brand new impulse responses has been developed from scratch and carefully tailored for the REmatrix engine, expanding the factory library and enabling thousands of new reverb sounds. Warm Halls, Impact Rooms, Airy Plates, Dense Early and very creative Special IRs; these are just a few words to introduce some of REXP's sounds.

The REXP impulse responses were created through the MoReVoX custom analog process, capturing both physical spaces plus real studio effect chains.
The 100 included presets have been designed in real mixing sessions and are a great time saver when using REXP.

MoReVoX Drive Blast/b]

In Drive Blast there are some extreme uses of harmonic distortion, and all the included IRs have been heavily processed to achieve unparalleled thick sounds.
The 100 Impulse Responses are available in two versions:

T-Type (with prevalence of 3 rd order harmonics – a “tape” sound)
V-Type (with prevalence of 2 nd order harmonics – a “valve” sound)

What’s the difference between these two types?

T-Type V-Type
Wide Smooth
Clean and transparent Center focused
More impact Rich mid-range
Focused on the sides Solid low end

Mixing V-Type and T-Type IRs together allows thousands of unique combinations of reverbs, from extremely creamy and warm to more nuanced effects; this makes Drive Blast an essential expansion for REmatrix users.

[b]MoReVoX GoldenGlue Platinum

GoldenGlue Platinum is a cinematic library created for deep and natural reverberations with attitude.

Real Studio Routings
GoldenGlue Platinum is based on the recordings of the best cinematic real environments as well as studio
processors and enriched with the classic MoReVoX harmonic processing in order to add character and
uniqueness and create an exciting vibe in your mix.

A collection of 150 IRs and 100 individual presets
The presets - as ever - have been created during real mix studio sessions with a particular focus on vocals,
orchestra, acoustic instruments as well as impacts and FX.

MoReVoX Imagined Spaces

Imagined Spaces is a reverb library created with digitally synthesised IRs.
With Imagined spaces you can surprise your audience with ear shocking effects and add inspiring rhythmic structures to your tracks.

Digitally synthesized IRs
No recordings of real environments have been used: instead, the IRs have been developed in Kyma sound design environment with synthesis/processing algorithms in the frequency and time domain, to obtain eccentric ambiences with extremely different durations.

A collection of 150 IRs and 128 individual presets
Imagined Spaces presets are divided into four categories:

- Unheard Environments: experimental waves to shock your ears

- Sh-0rt & dist-0rt: the right choice to add a third dimension to your audio stream

- Pulsing Inspirations: an exploration of inspiring rhythmic structures

- General purpose: a wide selection of presets to discover the "character" of the library.

MoReVoX Factory Library

REmatrix Factory Library features 300 unique IRs and 600 presets, designed in real mix sessions, and include an exclusive bank created by John Paterno.

It is included in the REmatrix Full version or can be purchased separately and used through the free REmatrix Player.

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