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Loopmasters Ableton Chord Rack Deep House and Jazz Chords (Ableton Live)

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Loopmasters Ableton Chord Rack Deep House and Jazz Chords (Ableton Live)

Loopmasters Ableton Chord Rack Deep House and Jazz Chords - это эксклюзивная Ableton Live MIDI стойка эффектов, специально разработанная для продюсеров House, которая идеально подходит для секвенции аккордов. Стойка инструментов загружается прямо в ваш сеанс Ableton Live и содержит полностью отображает макросы для изменения наборов аккордов, добавляет случайную скорость ноты, изменения корневой ноты и добавления арпеджио.

The Rack has been designed and created to help you play complex “jazzy” or “deep” chord progressions with ease, or play single chords across the entire keyboard range. The chords have been cherry picked for Deep House producers but will work great on any Deep and Jazzy production including Drum and Bass, House, Dub Techno and more. As this is a MIDI effect Rack you need to remember to add your own software instrument to the chain to be able to make any sound, but the live pack does include a Live set with a version of the racks pre-loaded with Ableton’s Electric (Piano) plugin to get you started.

This Live Pack utilizes 2 different Chord Racks the first being the Progressions Rack which features pre-mapped complimentary chords which can be performed by playing keys ranging from C2 - G2 on your keyboard. The first Macro control allows you to scroll through different chord sets. The Second Rack is the Single Chord Rack where one chord is mapped fully across the key range simulating the classic Roland Juno, Chord Memory function used so much in early House music. Again the First Macro will scroll through different chord options.

Both the “progressions” and “single chords” devices can be set to trigger any plugin or external hardware device of your choice. Simply load up a plugin or external instrument in your session and set the input to come from the chord device and you are off and running!

Deep House & Jazz Chords provides a unique and inspiring way to quickly develop lush chords for your productions. Check out the demo today!

Please ensure you have Ableton Suite 9.7 or above before you purchase this collection. (Upgrades from 9+ to 9.7 are free)

Loopmasters Ableton Chord Rack Deep House and Jazz Chords содержит:

• 2 Ableton Live MIDI Rack Presets1
• Ableton Live Template Project.

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