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Three-Body Tech Heavier7Strings 1.1.5 WIN OSX (Team P2P) - виртуальная электрогитара

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 Three-Body Tech Heavier7Strings

Three-Body Tech Heavier7Strings - виртуальный инструмент, основанный на реальных действиях в реальном времени, который возвращает Heavy Metal в ваши постановки. В этой металлической гитарной библиотеке, оснащенной полной стойкой эффектов и библиотекой шаблонов, есть все, что вам нужно!

Любовь к музыке и желание создавать инновационные студийные технологии были главной пружиной, которая сделала Heavier7Strings возможной. Всего в течение 4 лет, используя только оборудование высшего качества, более 10 000 сэмплов были тщательно записаны в 24-битных и 48 кГц. В довершение всего Heavier7Strings поставляется с саморазвитым пробоотборником без компромиссов в отношении качества звука.

The Effect Rack
What is the first thing to do when one starts a virtual guitar? Usually it is to bypass all built-in effects, as they are mostly too primitive for any serious work. However, the effect rack provided in Heavier7Strings is complete and of production-level quality, not just a toy!

Effects Overview:
•19 Heavy Metal Effect Modules: Screamer, EQ12, AMP, Flanger, Pingpong delay, etc.
•16 AMPs with styles from heavy metal to clean sound, processing sample rate up to 8X
•66 cabinet IRs, four can be mixed simultaneously with different delay, volume and phasing
•Preset manager allows you to store your own effect presets, along with 200 factory presets

MIDI Patterns Library
Heavier7Strings contains a number of 200 predefined MIDI patterns, together with effect rack configuration. The style of these patterns ranged from metal, rock, pop, clean, and along with non-rhythmic noise and ambient sounds. All these patterns can be dragged into host DAWs, and users can define their own patterns by MIDI clip.

Patterns Overview:

•200 factory MIDI patterns together with effect rack presets
•Various styles: metal, rock, pop, clean, along with non-rhythmic noise and ambient sounds.
•Draggable into host DAWs
•Users can define their own patterns by dragging MIDI into
•Samples and Sampler
•The sampler used in Heavier7Strings is self-developed, no third-party samplers were used.
•It has following characteristics:
•Direct read from disk
•Shared sample buffer between instances to reduce memory consumption
•Automatic fade out on disk-read overtime to avoid clicks & pops.

Built-in DSP Engine

•A built-in DSP engine named THRASH (Tonal/Harmonic Reconstruction and Shaping) is included in Heavier7Strings to provide various tone adjusting functions:
+∞RR: in addition to 16x recorded RR at maximum, random timbre and envelope changes are applied on samples to provide more vivid RR playing;
•True doubling: two guitars playing simultaneously on left and right channel, each has individual random note delay and RR selection.
•Sample-based LFO: modulate sample pitch with pitch curves extracted from real-world vibrato playing. This technique is adjustable in both degree and frequency, and is more realistic than just modulate the pitch by sine/ triangle wave.
•Dynamically recoups the formant during pitch-bend.
•Digitally emulated tone knob and pickup switch;
•Adjustable tension and resonance.
•Infinite sustain
•Hammer-on & pull-off
•Legato slide in/out
•Pinch harmonics
•Polyphonic legato
•24 “inspiration keys” to directly trigger specially played sounds/complex performances
•String and fret board position
•Up/down picking
•Strumming: deduce complete chord from part of composing notes
•Trigger power chords from root note

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