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SoloStuff SoloRack v1.41 (Team R2R) - модульный синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

SoloStuff SoloRack v1.31 (Team R2R) - модульный синтезатор

SoloStuff SoloRack - это модульный синтезатор, который имитирует удобство и функциональность аппаратных модульных систем Eurorack. Независимо от того, являетесь ли вы опытным пользователем Eurorack или строго пользователем программного обеспечения, вы, скорее всего, найдете что-то новое практически во всех доступных модулях. Доступно большое количество модулей, разработанных с вниманием к деталям. Сохраняя знакомство и сходство с Eurorack без изменений для удобства использования и бесшовной интеграции в системы Eurorack, если это необходимо.

Main Features include:
Practically no limit to the number of modules and rack rows that can be added.
The System B currently comes with a variety of modules. Including Oscillator modules, filters, Amplifiers, Mixers, panner, ADSR, VCLFO, Random-Sample and Hold, Noise module, Delay module, Chorus module, Reverb Module, Ring Modulators, CV sequencer, Trigger sequencer and many more utilities like Input/Ouput modules, MIDI to CV, tempo from DAW, clock divider, logic Tool, switch and CV tools..
Can work as an effect with multiple inputs and outputs.
Both 14bit and 7bit MIDI is supported concurrently and automatically without preconfiguration!! (currently using LSB/MSB).
Polyphony is possible using manual patching as it is done in hardware. Or through the sequencer modules.
Multichannel MIDI support. Can be used to achieve multi-timbral voices.
MIDI patch points and MIDI cables routing between modules all working at audio rate!!
Support for Bi-directional patch points that can work as both inputs or outputs at the same time. As in some Eurorack modules, like switches for example.
Offers a ridiculous amount of oversampling (up to X256). This is NOT a zero stuffing or interpolation method. This is an actual increase of the internal sampling rate inside the synth. Which means that it can process ultra sonic audio. I provide such features for people who are particular about quality, Not that any current CPU can handle it!!.
Audio rate modulation of any CV input. The system even allows ultra sonic modulation when oversampling.
Minimum internal sample block size (1 sample), this gives minimum possible delay between modules.
Engineered from ground up to be CPU efficient. With optimization done at each level or development, not just at the end.
Connectivity to modular hardware is supported (including but not limited to Eurorack). With 10 Audio/CV inputs, 12 Audio/CV outputs. (Note: For low frequency CV you will need an interface that has DC coupled inputs/outputs. Or use dedicated modules like the Expert Sleepers(TM) ES-6 and ES-3.
Currently 220 presets are available (PLUS extra variations).
More modules are expected to be added. Some of them may be included as part of the System B, others will be sold separately.

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