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Причина: обновлено до версии RAW-Kick v1.0.1 CE (Team V.R)
12-12-2018, 13:56

Rob Papen RAW-Kick v1.0.1 CE (Team V.R) - синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

Rob Papen RAW-Kick v1.0.0 CE (Team V.R) - синтезатор

Rob Papen RAW-Kick - это продукт, разработанный совместно с DJ Free-K и DJ Promo. На основе легендарного синтезатора RAW RAW-Kick включает в себя опрятные функции и фокус, специально предназначенные для современных требовательных продюсеров!

RAW-Kick offers three individual layers to design and build up your Kick drum sound, which is a common method often used by producers. But now, instead of using three separate products, you can use this method within one product. Each layer offers two modes. You can select a dedicated kick synthesizer model or use a sample-based layer. The ‘Kick Model’ type offers some new and unique features, for instance, the RAW amount. You can also control the harmonics which can have a firm impact on the sound, especially in combination with the many included distortion FX on board.

The ‘Sample’ type also has to offer some neat features like a multi-mode analogue modelled filter, two EQ sections and many FX algorithms with several types of distortion and other top-quality FX.

The Master section of RAW-Kick finishes it all off with an additional double EQ section and the MONO/STEREO FX to make your kick tight in its low end and wide in the mid/high range of the spectrum!

The Master section also offers you some neat control over all three layers at once, for speeding up your workflow creating the perfect RAW-Kick!

RAW-Kick ships with presets from these respected Hardcore, Hardstyle and DnB producers: DJ Promo, Caine, DJ Mad Dog, Ophidian, Sinister Souls, Tha Playah, The Outside Agency and Wavolizer to name a few.

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