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Rob Papen - Punch-BD v1.0.0c (Team R2R) - драм синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

Rob Papen - Punch-BD v1.0.0c (Team R2R) - драм синтезатор

Rob Papen - Punch-BD - созданный на основе BD модуля успешного виртуального драм-синтезатора Punch, Rob Papen представляет вам креативный модуль, который поможет вам создать самые жирно звучащие бочки для вашей музыки. Вы можете синтезировать ударные в высоком качестве или загружать собственные сэмплы, и объединять их в 6 различных слотах.

Stacking bass drums is a popular technique used by today's music producers and Punch-BD gives you the ability to stack up to 6 in total. Divide the 6 BD pads over the keyboard or use them 'stacked' in tuned mode to produce creative new BD sounds for all styles of contemporary music.

Punch-BD delivers synthesized drums in the finest audio quality or you can choose to load in your own samples for complete flexibility. Each pad has its own distortion module with several distortion types as well as its own 3 band graphic EQ. What's more, each individual pad also has its own preset section next to the overall 'BD kit'.

Like its big brother, Punch-BD features four FX units each with many 31 types of top quality FX plus further filters, envelopes, modulation routings and more for crafting your own unique sound.

From Electronic Dance and Hip Hop to Soundtrack projects, Punch-BD provides a solid speaker-busting sound for your productions.

The protection wastes your CPU resource :)

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