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Причина: обновлено до Kontakt 5 v5.6.0 WiN / MAC UNLOCKED (Team R2R)
14-12-2016, 08:32

Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 v5.6.5 WiN / MAC UNLOCKED (Team R2R) - сэмплер

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z / Kontakt

Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 v5.5.1 WiN Update UNLOCKED

Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 - САМЫЙ МОЩНЫЙ СЭМПЛЕР В МИРЕ. Беспрецедентная мощность, обширная библиотека инструментов, эффекты и расширенное сэмплирование плюс глубокие возможности редактирования.

Play and control stunning, true-to-life sampled instruments
Ultra-deep sample editing and instrument building options
On-board library with 1,000+ instruments and 43+ GB of samples

Have a nice Marine Day!

Our keygen generates license for all Kontakt libraroes, and real
license (also works in legit) for old libraries. Thanks to the all
R2R members and some external beta testers to complete this big
project. Because the NI database has many wrong information about
the third party libraries, we needed to investigate and test all
libraries one by one.

After completing the keygen, we notice that many libraries and
updates are missing in the audio scene. Some libraries need updates
for the best compatibility with the latest Kontakt. Found that your
favorite library is not updated? Buy legit and supply to the groups!


1. You can edit password protected scripts.
2. You can edit protected patches.
3. You can resave protected libraries to uncompressed ones.


1. Generates genuine license for RAS1.x libraries.
2. Generates valid license for RAS2 software adnd libaries.
Due to ECDSA113 scheme, only our release can accept this license.


Since this version, resaving protected patch from "Save as..." doesn't
work as expected. Use "Collect samples/Batch compress" instead. We have
confirmed working by following steps.

1. Open "Collect samples / Batch compress".
2. Convert protected libraries to "Lossless compressed NCW".
3. Open "Collect samples / Batch compress".
4. Convert generated NCW to "Uncompressed WAV / AIFF".

We recommend you to save the original protected library. Resaved
protected libraries are not really working sometime (due to the protection
scheme). Resaved library is not "Kontakt Player Library" anymore; You
can't add to library tab.


For the future compatibility, we strongly recommned you to stop using
former UNLOCKED+CRACKED version and switch to the current +KEYGEN release
as soon as you can.

* The protection scheme (not only the anti piracy) of the NI has been
changed in last 5+ years. Every NI products scans registry, and share
the registration info between other products. This is especially
important part in some product like Kontakt, Reaktor, Maschine,
Komplete Kontrol. Kontakt is not a independent product.

* SNPID (000-999) is depleting. We think upcoming NI-Access (New Service
Center) is developed due to this issue. Adding user custom library by
providing wrong info or SNPID can cause confilct between other

* CRACKED Kontakt accept library too much and sometime accept broken
library, because some of the check routine are bypassed. There are no
guarantee that broken library can be used in the upcoming version of
the Kontakt. There are too many broken, repacked or resaved libraries
in the audio warez scene around there. R2R believe there will be less
damaged releases or uploads by switching to KEYGEN release.

We R2R members discussed this switch for long time before the decision.
Unless NI makes some significant change to the protection, we keep this
way for the upcoming release.

If you have unreleased lib, unkeygened lib, or updates, please pass to
our friends in other groups who does not earn money by uploading the
releases. We update the keygen in a week :)

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