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9-03-2020, 07:32

Sugar Bytes Unique v1.5.3 WiN / OSX (Team R2R) - синтезатор

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Sugar Bytes Unique v1.5.1 WiN / OSX (Team R2R) - синтезатор

Sugar Bytes Unique специализируется на современных гласных звуках и мощных аналоговых звуках от синтезатора Golden Age. Ее напористый звук не должен отсутствовать в любой папке VST.

Key Features

Sawtooth, Triple Saw, Pulse, Triple FM, Noise with tonal Filter, Sub Sine
5 Filters with 5 Modulators each
Vowel Filter
Duophone Arpeggiator
Two Effect Sections
x/y Pad with Recording
MIDI Learn & Host Automation
300 groovy presets by various artists

Update to Version 1.5
The update sets new accents in visual language, concept and user experience. With its minimal flat design, version 1.5 departs from the somewhat stale skeuomorphism and pays hommage to the classics of German industrial design. Adjust any control and the new GUI will come up with the respective values and scales! We find the new design very apropos and like working with it. Chapeau & Thanks to Max Mondon Design.

Native’s Kontrol Standard (NKS) is quickly spreading in the industry and we also think that it’s a good move towards integration for all the friends of NI’s great tools out there. We added NKS support to Unique, providing perfect integration with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol (->NKS).

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