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Причина: обновлено до версии Kinetik v1.0.1 Regged WiN OSX (Team R2R)
14-09-2019, 14:07

Soundspot Kinetik v1.0.1 Regged WiN OSX (Team R2R) - плагин мульти-эффект

Категория: Эффекты от M до Z

Soundspot Kinetik v1.0.1 WiN OSX (Team iNVINCIBLE) - плагин мульти-эффект

Soundspot Kinetik - это Compressor, EQ и Overdrive в одном простом в использовании плагине, который вы действительно найдете очень полезным!

После нескольких лет создания профессиональных аудио инструментов, используемых некоторыми из самых плодовитых и успешных производителей в мире, команда SoundSpot решила представить серию плагинов для музыкантов, которые передадут рабочий процесс этих всемирно известных профессионалов в руки создателей музыки по всему миру.

The first in our range kicks off with KINETIK, a plugin we have closely developed with STANDERWICK, who in just 5 years has become one of the top selling global electronic dance music producers with multiple No.1 selling tracks and remixes for Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto to name a few.

This plugin encapsulates and represents STANDERWICK”s production workflow and is a unique tool that bridges across all music genres. We have created something that we are confident will find its way into your production workflow and become a definite reach-to plugin you will use on all of your projects.

The signal chain runs from left to right, starting with the Reduction Parameter.

As an optical style compressor there is no need for attack and release parameters. You simply pull back the rotary slide to begin the signal reduction. Attached to the reduction function is an option to select between, Transparent (Circles Icon), Analog (Flame Icon) & Optimised (Transient Icon). Each of these settings introduce a different character to the sound allowing you to achieve the best results based on your source material.

Getting the best results
To get the very best results from the Kinetik, you need to ensure that the input and output meters are bouncing into the green lines using the input and output sliders. You’ll know if you’ve gone too far as clip lights will be displayed when signals are pushed too hard. Also keeping the gain reduction around -3dB to -4dB will give the best results on most material, however this may need to be driven a little harder on some material.

System Requirements:

• OS X 10.7 - 10.13 (32 & 64-bit)

• Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 & 64-bit)

Plugin Formats:
• Audio Units (AU)
• VST3

DAW Compatibility:
• Ableton Live
• Cubase
• Logic Pro
• Nuendo
• Pro Tools 10-12
• Reaper
• Reason
• Sonar
• + many more

Mac users those who didn't find any files inside the included zip then do the following:

Fire up your Terminal.
Execute the following commands
$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true
$ killall Finder
If you want to switch it back, simply change the true to false.

Сайт разработчика:Soundspot
Размер:WIN: 5.3MB | OSX: 20.1MB

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