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Soundtheory Gullfoss v1.4.0 (Team R2R) - плагин для мастеринга

Категория: Эффекты от M до Z

Soundtheory Gullfoss v1.4.0 (Team R2R) - плагин для мастеринга

Soundtheory Gullfoss - это простой в использовании инструмент для всех, от музыканта-любителя до профессионального мастера мастеринга. Его чистый пользовательский интерфейс предлагает набор базовых параметров, которые можно настроить для улучшения четкости, детализации, пространственности и баланса микса или записи за считанные секунды.

Take control
Gullfoss is an intelligent equalizer that listens to a signal and decides how to prepare the audio so that your brain can get the most information out of it. The realtime analysis of Gullfoss uses Soundtheory’s computational auditory perception model to understand which audible elements are competing for your attention. Gullfoss allows for quick and precise fixes that would otherwise be unsolvable or would require significant time and experience to resolve.

Gullfoss is even capable of fixing balancing issues between different sound elements without access to the individual tracks. The internal auditory model allows Gullfoss to make objective decisions about the perceived sound. As a result, mixes processed with Gullfoss will generally translate more consistently between different listening situations.

Gullfoss, enabled by new patent-pending equalizer technology, processes audio with unrivaled sound quality. The equalizer is capable of changing its frequency response more than 300 times per second and without introducing audible artifacts or degrading signal quality. Together with the highly advanced computational auditory perception model that has been developed by Soundtheory, Gullfoss is the first and only product of its kind.

* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than original.

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Размер:21 MB
Gullfoss v1.4.0 (Team R2R)

Soundtheory Gullfoss v1.4.0 (Team R2R) - плагин для мастеринга Turbobit

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