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  • Дата: 25-09-2020, 07:09
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Причина: Обновлено до версии 2BC multiCORR v2.1.3 (Team R2R)
25-09-2020, 07:09

MAAT 2BC multiCORR v2.1.3 (Team R2R) - многополосный измеритель корреляции

Категория: Эффекты от M до Z

MAAT 2BC multiCORR v1.1.6 (Team R2R) - многополосный измеритель корреляции

MAAT 2BC multiCORR v2 - многополосный измеритель корреляции. Широкополосные счетчики не всегда показывают потенциальные проблемы. Многополосный подход MAAT предупреждает вас не переусердствовать с стереофоническим распространением или когда ваши стерео-микрофоны доставляют слишком много синфазного контента. В любом случае, вы получите отмену, когда ваш микс суммируется в моно.

Корреляция измеряет степень родства между левым и правым каналом. Если оба канала похожи, это моно, и они будут иметь идеальную корреляцию. Когда содержимое присутствует в одном канале, а версия с инвертированной фазой находится в другом канале, это означает, что сумма равна нулю в моно, и звук исчезает.

If your material is destined for LP distribution, keep in mind that lacquer cutting has difficulty with large amplitude, out–of–phase information at very low frequencies. 2BC multiCORR provides four bands of analysis for the critical bottom octave, six additional bands of metering covering frequencies up to 200 Hz, plus three additional band for the 200 to 400 Hz range.

Other than vinyl, why should you care about mono? Monaural playback is more prevalent than ever, with the rise of battery–powered, hand held party speakers and the ubiquitous "smart speaker." Don't forget that Center Channel speaker in a surround setup...Though a product may advertise stereo playback, the simply fact is that size matters. At low frequencies, playback from any single point, diminutive device is essentially monaural. Also, small sources usually cannot reproduce the bottom octave at all and many begin to roll off below 100 Hz. So make sure to maximize the appropriate amount of LF energy for the material you're working on.

2BC multiCORR isn't just multiband correlation. It also includes a left/right balance meter, a broadband left/right correlation meter, plus five monitor controls allowing you to focus on any issues you may come across.
With a single button, you can switch to Left–Only or Right–Only, Mono (L+R) or Difference (L-R). The fifth monitor control, FLIP, swaps the left and right channels. Sometimes you may come across a subtle issue that you think may be in one channel or the other. The Flip control, along with the Left–Only/Right–Only buttons, quickly helps to confirm or identify any problems. Also, you may occasionally be presented with a mix that's not laid out from the audience prospective, and Flip is a quick way to rotate the soundstage around to where you're comfortable.

Most correlation meters use a cosine scale, derived from old analog meters, while 2BC multiCORR employs a trueLinear scale. A linear scale better matches your perception.

2BC multiCORR combines essential metering and monitor controls with a 31 band correlation meter group.


31 bands of correlation with carefully chosen center frequencies.
Exclusive trueLinear scale for higher precision with visuals that match your perception.
Stereo Balance and Correlation.
Five essential monitor controls: Left–Only, Right–Only, Mono (L+R), Diff (L-R) and Flip.
Collapsable UI lets you see only what you need.


Includes a native version that runs in standalone mode, great for dedicated metering.
Plug–in runs on all major DAWs: AAX, AU, VST 2 & VST 3.

* You need the installation of R2R-WAIFU.
* CodeMeter runtime installation is not required.
* Our release runs faster and uses less memory than legit version.


Enjoy the DLL level emulator work of Nalpeiron/Zentitle!

Сайт разработчика: MAAT
Размер: 5.96 MB
2BC multiCORR v2.1.3 (Team R2R)

MAAT 2BC multiCORR v2.1.3 (Team R2R) - многополосный измеритель корреляции Turbobit

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