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Native Instruments Monark v1.3.0.3 HYBRID (Team R2R) - синтезатор для REAKTOR

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Native Instruments - Monark v1.0 (Team R2R) - синтезатор для REAKTOR 5

Native Instruments - Monark v1.3 отражает чистые органические звуки бесспорного короля монофонических аналоговых синтезаторов.
Годы тщательного исследования позволили захватить каждый нюанс синтезатора, несущих отпечаток четырех десятилетий популярной музыки. Основной выбор для баса и lead звуков от электронной музыки и хип-хопа до инди-рока и далеко за его пределами. Никакой другой синтезатор не приближается к этому сочетанию мощности, богатства и музыкального тона. Получайте истинное звучание синтезатора такое же знаменитое, как и те артисты, которые использовали его. Monark это Святой Грааль аналоговых моделей!


MONARK is a virtual synth with a dynamic, analog heart – designed to be played one note at a time to truly savor its bold, fat tone. Every aspect of the complex interaction of complex analog circuits to the behavior of the filter when overloaded was meticulously studied and recreated using cutting-edge DSP technology.

MONARK features super-snappy envelopes, making stabbing melodic lines and punchy electronic drum sounds easy to create. MONARK’s advanced architecture even reproduces the the sound of wiring the headphone output into the VCF input, and analog oscillator and filter drift, delivering a sound so lively, fat, and warm you won’t believe it’s software – all built within the powerfulREAKTOR framework.


Master MONARK’s unbelievable power in record time. Its simple layout consists of three oscillators, a smooth filter and amp section, and essential fine tuning, modulation, and glide controls. From thundering basses to thick, singing leads, synthesis doesn’t get any easier than this. MONARK’s signature tone instantly enriches tracks with a natural character missing from most other synths – delivered with incredible ease of use and all the convenience of software.


MONARK was created using the low-level modular DSP framework of REAKTOR CORE and takes advantage of Zero-Delay Feedback technology as formulated by its creator, Native Instruments' Vadim Zavalishin. Using mathematical prediction, ZDF technology eliminates the sample delay normally produced when trying to digitally model analog circuits involving feedback, such as a resonant filter.

Because it’s impossible to recreate complex analog circuits with mathematics alone, MONARK’s engineers relied on their ears to make the final adjustments to its sound. Combining advanced scientific research with refined human perception and a deep understanding of synthesis, MONARK is not only the most accurate virtual analog synth available, but a testament to Native Instruments’ commitment to leading software instrument design into the future.

Примечание: Вам потребуется установленный модульный синтезатор REAKTOR

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