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23-10-2020, 07:56

D16 Group Spacerek v1.0.0 (Team R2R) - плагин реверберации

Категория: Эффекты

D16 Group Spacerek v1.0.0 (Team R2R) - плагин реверберации

D16 Group Spacerek - компактный, интуитивно понятный плагин реверберации, который создает удивительно аутентичные реальные пространства, не увязая в сложных параметрах.

Гибридный алгоритм, лежащий в основе Spacerek, объединяет моделируемые виртуальные пространства в динамическую сеть задержки, генерируя реверберационные хвосты с чрезвычайно реалистичными ранними отражениями, плотными, красочными поздними отражениями и отдельно регулируемыми временами предварительной задержки ER и LR. Десятки эмулируемых типов комнат включают в себя залы, башни, камеры, туннели и многое другое, и каждый из них объединяет множество предустановленных стереомикрофонов и динамиков.

The hybrid algorithm at the heart of Spacerek fuses modelled virtual spaces to a dynamic delay network, generating reverb tails with supremely realistic early reflections, dense, colourful late reflections, and separately adjustable ER and LR pre-delay times. Dozens of emulated room types take in halls, towers, chambers, tunnels and much more, and each one integrates a variety of preset stereo microphone and speaker setups.

Spacerek also makes balancing the Direct signal, Early reflections and Late reflections easy with its three-channel mixer; while the highly musical Tilt EQ and Low Cut filter modules provide effortless shaping of the overall tail. And as each Reverb Model is pre-configured for left-right or mid-side stereo operation, tweaking width and spatialisation is a snap.

Spacerek doesn’t put the squeeze on your system, either – indeed, when you hear it, you can’t fail to be impressed by its CPU-friendliness (compared with typical audio simulation techniques).

The Virtual Space Reverb
Spacerek’s early reflections are generated by our proprietary Virtual Space Reverb engine, which simulates a diverse array of real-world spaces with painstaking accuracy. Each Reverb Model defines not only the acoustic properties of the space it represents, but also the positioning of the stereo speakers and microphones used to send the source signal through that space, for even greater environmental realism and versatility.

Hybrid algorithm for quality and performance
The late reflections are built up by a responsive dynamic delay network, which blends seamlessly with the Virtual Space Reverb’s early reflections to create an incredibly natural sounding reverb tail. Independent Early and Late reflection Pre-Delay controls allow up to 1 second of start time offset to be applied to each, adjustable in nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. And despite the quality and complexity of the acoustic modelling involved, Spacerek’s innovative, optimised hybrid design keeps CPU usage lower than you might expect.

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Spacerek v1.0.0 (Team R2R)

D16 Group Spacerek v1.0.0 (Team R2R) - плагин реверберацииTurbobit


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