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16-01-2021, 18:26

n-Track Studio v9.1.3 Build 3745 (Team P2P) - виртуальная студия

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n-Track Studio Suite

n-Track Studio v9 - это профессиональная виртуальная студия звукозаписи, со всеми ее возможностями. Программа позволяет делать записи, сводить дорожки, накладывать множество треков друг на друга, настраивать параметры звучания, добавлять профессиональные эффекты и многое другое.

n-Track Studio 9 - A recording studio in your computer.
Introducing n-Track Studio 9. Studio quality recording, editing and mixing software. n-Track Studio brings you professional audio quality and easy workflow.

New in version 9
Version 9 has been completely redesigned, and introduces new creative tools: VocalTune and Guitar & Bass amp simulators.

Guitar Amp
Make your guitar sound huge by choosing among great amp head simulators, and different modern and vintage cabinets inspired by classic models.

The new Guitar Amp plugin features new algorithms that simulate the sound of classic amp heads, and real impulse responses taken from vintage and modern cabinets models. You can also choose different microphone types, and play around with mike positioning and gain control.

Bass Amp
Ever felt your bass recordings needed that extra drive, lowend or grit to sit nicely in your mix and surprise your listeners?

Well, you're going to like this!

The new Bass Amp plugin features bass amp head simulation, and you can choose between various cabinet models, for sounds ranging from deep, driven basses to more present and high-end rich ones.

The new VocalTune plugin lets you easily fix your vocals pitch. You can also snap your vocals to common scales, as well as create your own.

Using VocalTune you can do anything from simple pitch correction to completely transform your vocal.

... and more

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Studio v9.1.3 Build 3745 (Team P2P)

n-Track Studio v9.1.3 Build 3745 (Team P2P) - виртуальная студияTurbobit

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