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Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Kingdoms (WAV) - вокальные сэмплы

Категория: Сэмплы

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Kingdoms (WAV) - вокальные сэмплы

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Kingdoms - совершенно новый вокальный продукт, который идеально подходит для саундтреков к фильмам, ТВ и видео играм, рекламы и многого другого. Запоминающееся путешествие, основанное на этнических вокальных звуках потустороннего, эфирного и будущего.

Представление оригинальных разнообразных вокальных сэмплов и мелодий самой Марии, королевы хамелеона; VOICES OF THE KINGDOMS сделают идеальный продукт для использования всеми создателями в отрасли.

Maria a.k.a. ‘Queen Chameleon’, is the newest undiscovered Vocal Gem of Hollywood. She has a multitude of talents and is classically trained in opera from her studies abroad in Florence where she trained under vocal instructor Benvenuti of ‘Andrea Bocelli’. Queen Chameleon also obtains a Theater Degree in Performing Arts with a concentration in Musical Theater, and she holds a Degree in Audio Engineering & Studio Production as well.

Queen Chameleon can sing in up to 14 languages, and speaks 5 fluently. ‘Wendy Cavett’, Musical Director from NY of Broadway’s “Mamma Mia”, Queen Chameleon has incredibly perfect pitch Live. Queen Chameleon has been hiding away in Hollywood while self producing VOICES OF THE KINGDOMS on her favorite microphone the 4033a by Audio Technica which as she states, “Takes exactly what I put into it and allows me to do the coloring & vocal fx on my own firsthand.” Intentionally tracked with zero effects, compression, zero reverb, free of autotune, eq-ing, de-essing, and even mastering,

Queen Chameleon produced VOICES OF THE KINGDOMS in April 18’. In the meantime she is also working on her solo project, while collaborating & performing with a number of legendary producers & composers for Film & TV such as 5-Time Grammy Nominee ‘JD Aguilar’, Broadway MD of “Wicked” & “Rent” ‘David Pepin’, star of “Phantom of the Opera” ‘Rita Harvey’, she has also shared the stage with a number of talented acts such as ‘Guns N Roses’, ‘Korn’, ‘Sean Paul’, ‘Rapper’s Delight’, ‘Afroman’, & Italian rap star ‘Izio Sklero’. Queen Chameleon’s vocal versatility is both wild and curious to witness in person.

Never before has anyone seen a vocalist so technically focused and able, to flop from operatic vocals, to rap, theater, country, in other languages, styles, and in an extremely wide impressive vocal range. Queen Chameleon is a comedic actress as well, imitating characters and sounds. She’s quite the goof and in her sessions there is always a lot of 2 things: laughter, and well, food. Producers, screenwriters, composers, and directors have begun to utilize her for these forces and she is becoming more widely known and discovered in the music industry as the “world’s best singer” .

In VOICES OF THE KINGDOMS, Queen Chameleon exhibits traditional musical flares from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Native American Tribes, Sounds of Africa, Sounds of the Elves & Fairies, Moods of Scandinavia, Broadway Tones, Princess Tunes, Jazz Odes, Monks & Choral Music, and beyond. Queen Chameleon’s voice is exotic, angelic, piercing, encapsulating, and transcendental to listen to. Queen Chameleon is brand new to Los Angeles, “She has the most versatile voice I have ever heard, she is the best singer in the world, ” spoken of legendary executive music producer from ALLMusic ‘Michael Binikos’. EDM World Magazine cited her as having “Powerhouse vocals”, calling her a “triple threat”.

Queen Chameleon (Maria Di Cara) recently graduated from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood on a scholarship. She has appeared on television, radio, and in live performances, reaching millions of views across all platforms, especially her recent vocal work on the film “Dragon Ball-Z: Light of Hope” which reached over 6 million views in its 1st week of release. VOICES OF THE KINGDOMS is available for purchase or as a free addition for all subscribers of, a platform which has dominated the virtual instrument industry. VOICES OF THE KINGDOMS is perfect for composers, musicians, and producers, looking for an authentic multicultural vocal collection with the most original sounding vocals. It's a must have, check out this 1st Volume for a taste of many more to come.

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Voices Of The Kingdoms (WAV)

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Kingdoms (WAV) - вокальные сэмплы Turbobit

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Kingdoms (WAV) - вокальные сэмплы

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Kingdoms (WAV) - вокальные сэмплы

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