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789TEN Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1 ( MULTIFORMAT) - сэмплы Hardcore

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789TEN Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1 ( MULTIFORMAT) - сэмплы Hardcore

789TEN Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1 - каждый сэмпл в этой редкой коллекции был создан в студии Re-Style с использованием высококачественных аналоговых машин TR-909, Alpha Juno 2 и Blue Q.

Бочки, клэпы, крэши, раскаты, томы, снейры, синтезаторы, сокрушительные лиды, хуверы, атмосферы, щипки и более жесткие звуки.

Независимо от того, как выглядит ваша домашняя настройка, теперь вы можете добавить аналоговое тепло в свои треки прямо из хардкорного ветеранского Re-Style. Люди получают стаю только по этой причине... но есть еще так много всего!

Hailed as the “youngest” veteran of hardcore, Re-Style has been notoriosuly pumping out hit after hit, impacting the scene with his stream of monemuntal productinos. His signature style has become well-loved amongst producers all over the world.

As a key producer in modern hardcore and it’s evlotion, Re-Style has been responsible for creating numerous anthems for significant events such as Masters of Hardcore, Toxicator, and Harmony of Hardcore.

We are ecstatic to welcome him to the 789ten family, with an extremely unique analog themed producer pack, unlike any other.

With an affinity for high fidelity audio, and immaculately mixed sounds, Re-Style creates an arsenal of sounds from scratch with his collection analog gear. While most people don't have access to such a great collection of machines, this pack aims to eliminate that roadblock.

Analog quality, digital download.

SAMPLE PACK: Every sample in this rare collection was created in Re-Style’s studio using high grade analog machines the TR-909, Alpha Juno 2, and Blue Q.

Kicks, claps, crashes, rides, toms, snares, synths, crushing leads, hoovers, atmospheres, plucks, and more HARD sounds.

No matter what your home set up looks like, you can now add analog warmth into your tracks, directly from hardcore veteran Re-Style. People are getting the pack for this reason alone… but there’s still so much more!

KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS: Using high fidelity analog WAV files, Re-Style compiled an extremely exclusive collection of playable Kontakt instruments for all the Kontakt users out there. If you don’t have Kontakt though, don’t worry! Each sound is also included as a stand alone sample and can be run through any sampler!

These sounds are the life of your next Hardcore production.

SYLENTH PACK: We didn’t want to leave at ONLY analog sounds! The essential Re-Style Sound of Rapture in one Sylenth library with a total of 48 QUALITY Hardcore Presets.

PROJECT FILE: The full Studio One session used to make the song you heard in the trailer.

Included with the project file are 26 presets, 6 loops, 4 one shots, and stems for users of other DAW’s.

BONUS BASSDRUM PROJECT FILE: A MUCH needed bonus for anyone in need of HARDCORE KICKS. This exciting bonus Studio One project file is a goldmine for various kickdrums all created and processed in the ways that Re-Style would do for his own tracks.

BONUS MINI SOUND DEMO PROJECT FILE: Studio One project file including 8 sampled bassdrums, 3 one shots, 3 loops, 4 Kontakt instruments, and 1 Kontakt multi instrument. The bonuses are non stop in this pack… you do NOT want to miss out.

Main plugins used in project files: iZotope Ozone 9, Waves SSL Comp, Waves CLA-76, Waves H-Delay, Xfer OTT, Valhalla Room, Studio One stock plugins.







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Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1 ( MULTIFORMAT)

789TEN Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1 ( MULTIFORMAT) - сэмплы HardcoreTurbobit


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