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Ни для кого не секрет, что создание современной электронной музыки невозможно без использования сэмплов. СЭМПЛЫ представляют собой звуки, которые записываются, как правило, при игре каких-либо музыкальных инструментов или синтезаторов, а затем обрабатываются на компьютере. Качество сэмпла во многом зависит от записывающих устройств (микрофонов), от окружающей среды (обычно запись ведется в специальных звукозаписывающих студиях), от передающего, принимающего оборудования, а также от конечной оцифровки сэмпла. Скачать сэмплы для fl studio Вы также можете у нас.

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Sample Market Originals: Sidney Charles (WAV) - сэмплы House, Classic House, Deep House, Dub House, Tech House

Категория: Сэмплы

Sample Market Originals: Sidney Charles

Sample Market Originals: Sidney Charles рады приветствовать Сидни Чарльза в нашей серии «Оригиналы»! Эта коллекция, наполненная вневременными ритмами хаус-барабанов, глубокими ударами и аккордами, возвышенными синтезаторными линиями, заводными басами и богатыми пэдами, не пропустите!

We are proud to welcome Sidney Charles to our Originals series! Packed with timeless house drum grooves, deep stabs and chords, sublime synth lines, groovy basses and rich pads, this collection is not to be missed!

It's not often a DJ can stamp their authority on a genre so much that it gets its own label, but Sidney Charles is one. His take on house music is known amongst fans as The Sidney Sound: it's one built on heavy low ends, the immediate impact of chunky drums, cavernous low frequencies and hard hitting rhythms that connect directly with your body. Over the last ten years or so, this is exactly what has helped establish Sidney as one of house's most vital players rich pads

Both as a DJ and a producer, Sidney favours rough, dirty sounds that defined the old school pioneers, but all with a modern, full and punchy approach. His signature tunes like 'House Lessons' and 'Warehouse Romance' established this early on, and since then the artist has homed in on ever more irresistible rhythms on key labels like Truesoul, Hot Creations and Saved. HIs upfront, dark, hard hitting take on house is about physicality and making your body move. He wants to get you jacked up on the dance floor and keep you there. He does so with a mixing technique drawn from his long standing love of hip hop and battle DJs: beat matching, subtle scratching and tight, quick, energetic mixes that move things along at a pace.

All loops are bpm labelled. All melodic files are also key-labelled. This collection is 100% Royalty-free.

Sample Market Originals: Sidney Charles характеристики:

25 Full Drum Loops
23 No Kick Loops
33 Percussion Loops
40 Hi Hat Loops
34 Clap & Snare Loops
12 Kick Loops
45 Synth & Music Loops
30 Bass Loops
19 Textures
12 Pads
11 Bass Hits
11 Synth Hits
16 Kicks
15 Perc Hits
15 Claps
9 Snares

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Размер:568.5 MB
Originals: Sidney Charles (WAV)

Sample Market Originals: Sidney Charles (WAV) - сэмплы House, Classic House, Deep House, Dub House, Tech HouseTurbobit


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