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Best Service Emotional Violin (KONTAKT) - библиотека скрипки

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Best Service Emotional Violin (KONTAKT) - библиотека скрипки

Best Service Emotional Violin - самая выразительная виртуальная скрипка всех времен. Если вы ищете идеальный инструмент для озвучивания фильмов, поп-музыки, песен, классических или современных авангардных скрипичных композиций, Emotional Violin - ваш первый выбор! Уникальный, виртуальный инструмент, который убеждает в его разнообразных артикуляциях, его прямом и неподдельном звучании и необычных игровых методах, в том числе и отступлении. Благодаря впечатляющему и в то же время эмоциональному звучанию, он позволяет выражениям, которые никогда не достигались раньше.

Emotional Violin has been recorded throughout in a musical context to capture the expressiveness and natural bowing of real instrumentalists. The intelligent scripting enables more than 50 different playing styles and True Legato, making this library extremely versatile. In addition to the usual playing styles and articulations, the Emotional Violin also features extraordinary techniques such as:

* Paganini Run (Legato)
*Morbid Sustain
*Double Stopped Chords

Contextual Sampling
Our philosophy during the recordings is called "Contextual Sampling". In order to find the perfect sound, various string instruments were recorded over a period of four years. We came to the conclusion that no technique comes even close to the actual and natural vibrato of a trained musician.

The sampling of real vibrato of course has some conceptual drawbacks, but these recordings are always more inspiring and organic than adding an artificial vibrato. So our goal was to perfectly capture these musical aspects and combine them into a great sounding and easy to play instrument.

The result is a library with unsurpassed authenticity
This wonderful sound is rounded off by a multitude of articulations. Thus, different phrases, turns, variations, bars and closing notes can be used as actually independent phrasings without having to repeat themselves. So that these sounds and articulations can be used appropriately to the context, respective keyswitches such as Delicate Fast, Vivid or Moderate have been added.

This library also features technical refinements such as Rebowing, which allows you to switch between bow strokes using the Keyswitch - extremely useful for long sustains. The Vibrato Crossfade works in a similar way, allowing you to easily fade from non-vibrato to vibrato.

The Recording
The Emotional Violin was recorded at the Mastermix Studio near Munich in a wood-panelled room with a large ceiling height and the greatest possible distance to the wall. For maximum flexibility, two Neumann KM184 and U87 microphones were deliberately used to record closely. Therefore the room amount is quite subtle and you can use your own effects for further processing. However, you can also use the integrated Convolution Reverb.

Требуется Kontakt FULL v6.2.2 или выше!

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