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13-04-2020, 17:34

Rast Sound Kemenche (KONTAKT) - библиотека кеманча

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Rast Sound Kemenche (KONTAKT) - библиотека кеманча

Rast Sound Kemenche - библиотека струнного смычкового музыкального инструмента типа лютни с длинной шейкой - кеманча. Подлинная мировая струна у вас под рукой, либо играйте как инструмент, либо используйте записанные нетронутые выступления.

Kemenche String - это инструмент сэмплера и записанных выступлений, цель которого - предоставить вам как соло-реалистичную сольную струну мирового уровня, так и бесценную приправу для наложения других струн благодаря человеческому, глубокому и выразительному звуку, который она генерирует.

As usual, we recorded long improvs, phrases, natural & processed loops for the wave heads but we maintained a higher than usual focus on the sampler instrument this time; as this most of all is an instrument we truly love and admire. The library is available for KONTAKT & WAV.

Kemenche or kemençe is a name used for various types of stringed bowed musical instruments having their origin in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern particularly in Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Greece and regions adjacent to the Black Sea.

We bring you what is called the classical kemenche, which has a softer and more sophisticated sound when compared to rather primitive, dancey, harder sounding versions.

Quite interesting to this instrument is that it is played by touching the strings gently with the nail from the side (rather then pressing them down or against a fret) which, combined with it’s small, resonant roomy body and bowing, gives the instrument it’s unique mesmerising sound character.

The library covers all typical and some atypical articulations, immediately usable trough keyboard switching while playing, combined into one rich instrument. In addition to straight sustain articulation, we sampled recorded vibrato too for a highly authentic sound for the sampler enthusiast.

Rast Sound Kemenche характеристики:

280 Samples
550+ mb 24 Bit WAV (unzipped)
Solo Instrument w. All Main Articulations (Up to 4 layers)
42 Loops & Phrases
8 Long Improvisations (Up to 20 min.)
Kontakt full version 5.6.5 required for instruments.

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