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8DIO Flow House Synth Edition (KONTAKT) - библиотека синтезаторов

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

8DIO Flow House Synth Edition (KONTAKT) - библиотека синтезаторов

8DIO Flow House Synth Edition содержит большой набор восхитительных мультипликативных синтезаторов Flow House. Библиотека содержит более 4,300 сэмплов и 3 ГБ контента, распределенного по 116 супер-бас-синтезаторам, лид синтезаторам, пэдам и FX.

Flow House Synth Edition полностью совместим с нашим Flow House Groove Edition Vol. 1 и том. 2 - и в этом видео мы демонстрируем, как синтезаторы работают вместе с нашим deep house wav пакетом.

Synth Edition также содержит наш новый движок 3.1 Chaos FX, трехмерную визуализацию и сверхгибкий интерфейс. Мы также добавили усовершенствованные секвенсоры шагов и арпеджиатор, а также легкодоступные функции главной страницы, такие как ADSR, Portamento и Stack. Стекинг позволяет объединять несколько синтезаторов одним кликом и легко создавать идеальный патч за считанные секунды.

Flow House Synths Browser
Flow House Synths contains an intuitive browsing environment with all patches loaded into RAM. This allows you to quickly glance through all patches with a single mouse click and no load time. You also have instant access to features like portamento (glide), stacking, ADSR, volume and pitch modulation – all from the front interface. The idea is to make everything easy to access from the front page, but also provide full control over the synth for anyone who wants to dive deeper.

The Power of Stacking
Stacking is a new way of browsing synths. In essence it allows you to stack multiple patches in real-time. We designed the Flow House Synth Edition in such a way that all patches are loaded into RAM, so there is no load time. The stacking function lets you merge as many patches as you want together to find that specific texture that just dials straight into your mix. So in essence you can browse a lot faster then conventional synths and put a personal stamp to the sound by combining multiple patches.

Chaos FX 3.1
We added a variety of new features to the Flow House Synth Edition, including Step Sequencer, Advanced Arpeggiator, Trance Gates, Stereo Delays, Dual Convolutions and our custom Side-Chainer – where you can customize the specific volume curve of your side-chain with a single motion of your mouse. In addition we also added our Chaos FX randomizer, which allows you to completely randomize any effect with a single mouse click. This is great if you want something totally fresh and unpredictable, especially when applied to multiple effects.

We also included our new pitch-modulator, which allows you to do incredible pitch manipulation in real-time. You can literally make a synth sound like a drum with a single motion and its an incredibly powerful tool for anyone interested in manipulating the sounds more. All accessible straight from the front page of the interface. The pitch-modulation is great in combination with our Chaos FX module and you can literally transform any of the Flow House synths into a completely new universe of sounds.

8DIO Flow House Synth Edition характеристики:

- 17 полностью настраиваемых наборов грувов
- Качество EDM Chart
- 577 Flow House Samples (.ncw)
- 3D-интерфейс пользователя
- Уникальный 8DM 3.0 FX Engine
- Логическая файловая организация
- Ван-шот сэмплы и лупы
- Требование: Контакт 5.5 (Full Retail) или более поздняя версия.

Сайт разработчика: 8DIO
Размер: 3.08 GB

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