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VSTBuzz Cyber (KONTAKT) - кинематографическая библиотека

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

VSTBuzz Cyber (KONTAKT) - кинематографическая библиотека

VSTBuzz Cyber - это набор инструментов для кинематографического звукового дизайна, объединяющий звуковые элементы techno-музыки и превращающий их в кинематографические звуки, идеально подходящие для трейлерной музыки и звукового дизайна.

Библиотека VSTBuzz Cyber содержит более 500 современных techno-кинематографических звуков, включая текстуры, синтезаторные ритмы, стояки, Стинги, глюки и многое другое, которые идеально подходят для добавления очень уникального электронного / кинематографического звука к вашим трекам.

Techo Music Elements Morphed into a Cinematic Sound Design Toolkit
What would happen if EDM & Trailer music had a baby? That's what we wanted to answer when creating CYBER!

CYBER is a cinematic sound design and scoring toolkit for Kontakt (.WAV files included), designed for creating cutting edge electronic sounds for dramatic, high energy, cinematic music.

The library contains over 500+ sounds (1.7GB) recorded in 96kHz/24bit split into the following categories:
Drones (12)
Designed Drones (8)
FX (37)
Glitches (50)
Stingers (47)
Synth Rhythms (43)
Textures (30)
Grooves (35)
Kicks (203)
Passbys (70)
Reverses (48)
Risers (44)

This is a highly stylised electro cinematic toolkit that's huge, disturbed, screaming and unique - think aliens, cyborgs, space ships and over the top cinematic action.

500+ Unique Morphed Electro Cinematic Sonic Elements
The worlds of electronic music and cinematic trailer music share some elements of sonic exploration so we approached this toolkit from both a DJ and sound designer point of view, choosing sonic elements of techno music and remixing them in a cinematic fashion and vice versa.

The library is highly versatile and covers a huge array of innovative and highly unique sonic elements. The two worlds of electronic and cinematic music have never been merged together like this before!

A lot of processed field recordings have been transformed into techno cinematic loops and sequences, stingers, noise glitch, reverses, risers, hits and impacts to easily build sound cues in minutes, create interesting textures and dense soundscapes as well as adding interest to any genre of track

The CYBER sample pack is specifically designed for modern sound artist, trailer/soundtrack composer or electronic music producer who is looking for something HUGE and unique sounding, to use as is, or to transform even further into new material.

Kontakt & Individual WAV Files for Additional Sound Mangling Capabilities
The sounds in CYBER are huge, thundering and almost robotic. They're dark and disturbed and perfect for any cinematic music (or EDM!)

CYBER features a simple and effective interface (along with standalone .WAV files) giving you access to all of your sounds in one place. Each sample is mapped to a specific key on your keyboard and you can change the pitch easily to match your track.

The interface offers sample waveform view along with the sample name, so you can easily locate the .WAV file if you'd rather mangle the sample furthe.

It also offers controls for Attack, Release, Filter, Delay, Reverse, Playback Speed, Repitching, and Stutter to further sculpt your own sound.

Technical Specifications and Requirements
- Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required - not compatible with Kontakt Player
- 22 Kontakt patches
- Standalone .WAV files included
- Drones, Designed Drones, FX, Glitches, Stingers, Synth Rhythms, Textures, Grooves, Kicks, Passbys, Reverses and Risers
- Add stutter, re-pitch, slow down,, delay and more to make each sound your own
- Kontakt patches use NCW compression to reduce file size
- Easy to use GUI for quickly editing sounds
- Perfect for creating trailer & cinematic music and sound design
- Completely royalty free and can be used for anything (music, sound design etc.)
- Recorded in 96kHz/24bit

Why its awesome:
- Completely unique high end cinematic / trailer music sounds with a large range of categories to choose from
- The ideal sound design toolkit for creating huge trailer sounds
- Drones, Designed Drones, FX, Glitches, Stingers, Synth Rhythms, Textures, Grooves, Kicks, Passbys, Reverses and Risers
- Recorded in crystal clear 96kHz/24bit
- Standalone WAV files included for additional mangling capabilities (22 Kontakt patches and standalone .WAV files included)
- 1.7GB of sample content
- Completely unheard of sounds which combine two completely separate musical genres
- Perfect for creating trailer & cinematic music and sound design
- Completely royalty free and can be used for anything, even in isolation (music, sound design etc.)

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