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26-07-2020, 09:58

Karanyi Sounds Continuo v1.1 (KONTAKT) - кинематографическая библиотека гитары

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Karanyi Sounds Continuo v1.1 (KONTAKT) - кинематографическая библиотека гитары

Karanyi Sounds Continuo - это сложный инструмент для создания кинематографических текстур на основе электрогитар для создания бесконечных пэдов, необычных звуковых ландшафтов, характерных атмосфер и экспериментальных подслоев, особенно для фильмов, видеоигр и электронной музыки. Это первый релиз нашей кинематографической серии с нашим совершенно новым, простым в использовании движком Layer Designer Engine, где вы можете редактировать, модулировать и смешивать до 4 отдельных инструментальных модулей одновременно.


New Engine
Inspiring, super clean interface right out of the box.
Need more controls? Under the hood you get more than 80+ smarty adjusted control options!

4 Modules in 1
With the new engine you can run up to 4 Sound Modules at the same time. Also you can add effects and modulations individually on these Sound Modules.

Effect Rack
Every Slot comes with 4 EQ, 2 vintage effects (Slow Leslie rotator & a Classic Phaser) and 2 Lexicon-style reverb sends.
The combinations of these controls can surpise you with some very insteresting new textures.

Turn your sound into pulses or create a super complex moving soundscape combining the settings on the 4 Slots.
Choose from 8 different LFO presets from fast to slow automatically synced to your DAW’s / Kontakt master clock.

Master Effects
Add a final touch or go extreme with the Master Section: an SSL Style Channel EQ, Glue Compressor & a Master Limiter. Thanks to the high quality recordings changing these parameters (especially the EQ settings) can dramatically change your overall sound. Pimp up your textures, add some extra edge, brillance, fatness with these rich sounding features at the final stage.

- 18 extra long guitar sample modules with rare sound setups: raw sounding Fender guitar textures with a lot of fortuitousness
- Bowed, tremolos, vibratos, beaten (with a wooden stick) techniques and a 300x stretched guitar patch
- Super large reverbs recorded through Eventide & Strymon effect processors
- Equipment used: UA1176, Roland Dimension D, Studer A800, Pultec EQP-1, UAD RAW, Strymon Deco / BigSky, Eventide Blackhole
- New Layer Designer Engine with inspiring, super clean interface
- 60+ Factory & Artist presets
- Over 80 controls on a simplified GUI
- Run up to 4 Sound Modules at the same time
- 8 LFO Modulation presets / Module
- 4 EQ presets / Module
- 2 effects / Module + 2 Send effects
- Master EQ, Compressor & Limiter
- 24bit / 48kHz sample rate
- 2.5 GB lossless compressed size (3.5 GB original size)
- Full version of Kontakt 5.7.3+ required - not for Kontakt Player

Сайт разработчика: Karanyi Sounds
Размер: 2.51 GB
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