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Toontrack Drums of Destruction EZX v1.0.0 - библиотека для EZdrummer

Категория: Сэмплы / Пресеты, банки, патчи

Toontrack Drums of Destruction EZX v1.0.0 - библиотека для EZdrummer

Toontrack Drums of Destruction EZX были созданы лауреатом премии Грэмми Джошем Уилбуром вместе с барабанщиком Lamb of God Крисом Адлером. По отдельности они были предшественниками нескольких новаторских работ в своих областях в течение почти двух десятилетий, и вместе они получили широкое признание благодаря формированию звука, который сделал Агнца Божьего опорой на современной металлической сцене.

The Drums of Destruction EZX comes with two full kits, one of which is Chris’ personal Mapex set while the other is a Pearl* Reference kit that was handpicked by Josh and used on several of his productions. In addition, it includes five snares, one extra kick as well as Chris’ trademark abundance of cymbals. It was recorded through an SSL4064G+, various chains of analogue outboard and captured with carefully selected microphones at Josh’s studio of choice, Hybrid Studios in Orange Country, CA. With its perfectly treated one-thousand-square-foot live room, it has proved time and time again in countless sessions to be an ideal location for ambient but still tight and defined drums that have a transparent character.

Combined, the Drums of Destruction EZX gives you Chris with his forceful, driving and unique style of drumming paired with Josh’s cutting edge but still organic-sounding production style. Add to that a broad collection of custom presets, both those engineered by Josh himself, resembling a selection of highlights from his catalogue, as well as those engineered from the ground up without any reference.

No matter how crushing your guitars or bass may be, a strong foundation of drums is a key factor in any metal mix. These are drums designed to destroy. Prepare for havoc and utter destruction. You have been warned.

- Two kits (Mapex, Pearl*), three kicks and five snares
- Recorded at Hybrid Studios, Orange Country, CA
- Engineered/produced by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Megadeth, Korn, Gojira)
- Sampled by Chris Adler (Lamb of God)
- 14 mix-ready presets as well as five custom “No bus FX” presets designed for multi-out purposes
- A selection of MIDI inspired by Lamb of God songs, performed by Chris Adler

Работает с EZdrummer v2.1.7 или Superior Drummer v3.1.2 и выше!

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