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Warp Academy Darkside Funk (Xfer Serum)

Категория: Сэмплы / Пресеты, банки, патчи

Warp Academy Darkside Funk (Xfer Serum)

Warp Academy Darkside Funk находится на переднем крае эволюционирующих звуков для современной басовой музыки. Вдохновленный некоторыми из наших любимых научно-фантастических фильмов, он скрывает вас в захватывающей вселенной жестких басов, обжигающих средний бизнес и изменяющихся текстур. При максимальной модуляции каждый пресет перемещается и дышит собственной жизнью.

Lurking inside, you’ll find some of the most advanced and powerful sounds ever created for Serum. All this power is at your fingertips, BEGGING to be unleashed! The creative use of Macros makes Darkside Funk delightfully immediate and simple to use, while also yielding spectacular sound-mangling abilities.

After more than two years (for real) of development by our sound design team, and countless hours spent on the arsenal of presets, Darkside Funk sets a whole new standard. It’s poised to deliver the ULTIMATE Serum experience.


Advanced Wavetable Design

An entire realm of audio is packed into each wavetable. A wealth of timbres and tones lurk beneath the surface waiting for you to explore them. With a twist of a knob, you take the preset on an utterly smooth journey through spectral morphing.


All Macros + MOD Wheel Are Used

Our philosophy was to make each preset evolve like CRAZY with a single note. Hyper-advanced modulation does just this. Each preset makes FULL use of all the Macros and MOD wheel to make the sound even more responsive and tweakable.


No Post-FX Needed

If you like heavily processed sounds, you’ve struck gold. Our affinity for neuro genres inspired layers upon layers of intricate, sophisticated effects. We pushed Serum’s infamous arsenal of effects to their limit. The result is pure fire!


Darkside Funk is the culmination of 2 years of work by our sound design team. No, that’s not a typo. We’ve been keeping it tightly under wraps, testing, refining and perfecting it. Although we could have launched it a lot sooner, Darkside Funk took 2 years because of how crazy HIGH we set the bar.

On average, each preset took 2 full hours to make.
For every 5 presets we made, we only took the absolute best, sidelining the other 4.
This means every sound in Darkside Funk was the result of 10 hours of work by professional sound designers.
Some people might think that’s ridiculous, but when it comes to the quality of your music, there’s no room for anything short of SPECTACULAR. Each sound needed to have something completely NEXT-LEVEL about it to make the cut.

The presets are crazy RESPONSIVE, which took hours of extra work. All the macros, the mod wheel, and many other modulators are used to make these presets HYPER-expressive.

We’re not going to BS you and say this soundbank can be used for “Any genre”. Darkside Funk is for bass music. Tearout, dancefloor, peak-time BASS MUSIC. Genres like drum & bass, neuro, glitch hop, hybrid trap, electro house, future house, bass house, and dubstep.

You can’t make something truly exceptional if you try to be all things to all people. We opted to take a different path: Specialize, focus our efforts, and make something absolutely BREATHTAKING. When your mission is mastery, you need to exclude things so you can concentrate on the core.

We drew inspiration from some of our favorite sci-fi movies, asking ourselves things like “What would a hyperdrive malfunction sound like?” You won’t believe your ears when you hear some of the sounds we came up with... It’s as if we took a Sith lord and gene spliced him with Han Solo. You get unreal evil super powers, mashed up with swagger, style and charm.

The presets include a VAST arsenal of sound styles to fully round out your track. You simply don’t need to waste time hunting through tons of soundbanks to fill in gaps. Darkside Funk was designed to be balanced, complete, and immersive.

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