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AIR Music Technology Drumsynth 500 v1.0.0 (Team R2R) - драм синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты От A до D

AIR Music Technology Drumsynth 500 v1.0.0 (Team R2R) - драм синтезатор

AIR Music Technology Drumsynth 500 - совершенно новый программный драм синтезатор, который обеспечивает полный контроль над всеми электронными драм звуками в удобном и понятном интерфейсе. Drum Synth 500 от AIR Music Technology имеет все необходимое для создания бесконечного разнообразия настраиваемых электронных звуков ударных для всех стилей музыки.

Drum Synth 500’s exclusive library has been produced by the sound design veterans behind the highly-acclaimed Air Music Tech Strike, Air Structure, Sonivox Big Bang, Akai Professional’s MPC and Alesis e-Drums. The goal was to provide an incredible mixture of vintage and all-new effects that pay homage to classic sounds while also pushing into new territory.

Using a MIDI keyboard, pad controller, electronic drumkit, or the user’s favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, Drum Synth 500 brings modern electronic drum sounds into musical productions or live playing.

To get you started, Drum Synth 500 gives you over 500 drum sounds, 500 drum samples, 50 drum kits and 500 MIDI drum loops which can be loaded into any DAW and used to kick-start your song or production.

It's a simple step to start shaping your own electronic drum sounds. Dig in deep with individual parameter control for all instruments or use our randomizer which make a drum sound for you with just one press of a button. Advanced users will find this to be a tweaker’s paradise to produce your own one-of-a-kind sound.

Drum Synth 500 is built on powerful all-new engine for live performance or studio use. For live performance, you can simply fire up our PC or Mac Desktop app and perform with no DAW required for distraction free performance. For studio use, all popular plugin formats are supported.

Drum Synth 500 is packaged into a beautiful user interface with no hidden panels for quick, fun creation of your own electronic drum sounds.

You deserve your own custom drum sounds and now you have the perfect tool to create them: Drum Synth 500 from AIR Music Technology.

* No iLok driver is required
* Our release uses less memory and loads faster than original

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