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DopeSONIX Bass Engine v2.1 RETAiL (SYNTHiC4TE) - бас-синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты От A до D

DopeSONIX Bass Engine v2.1 RETAiL (SYNTHiC4TE) - бас-синтезатор

DopeSONIX Bass Engine v2 - плагин для баса, который будет соответствовать всем вашим требованиям 808, sub и vintage bass synth. Вы найдете более 300 совершенно новых басовых инструментов, все с любовью испытанные и обработанные с помощью вакуумного лампового эквалайзера Drawmer 1961 для этого глубокого низкого уровня тепла и твердого среднего удара, где это необходимо.

Если у вас есть Bass Engine 1 и 2 в вашей коллекции, у вас есть практически все басовые звуки, которые вы, возможно, могли бы использовать в производстве хип-хопа, без сомнения!

The 808 is undoubtedly the king of the bass in Hip Hop/Trap right about now and has been for nearly a decade or more, because of this we had to make sure the 808’s in Bass Engine 2 punched harder and deeper than any 808 VST’s released so far. We also spent time cooking up never heard before layered 808’s mixed with a crazy assortment of synth stabs and pads to give your productions a fuller, fatter sound.

The first 150 presets in Bass Engine 2 are devoted strictly to the legend that is the 808, deep booming tones and spacey sub-bass goodness.
Sci-Fi Bass

Since the 1970’s hardware synths have been capable of producing a vast range of low end tones, rich in harmonics and analogue warmth so its understandable that these once forgotten musical beasts are now commanding huge prices to lucky collectors. Nothing can compare to the original hardware units sound but we have done our best to bring you a flavour of what these classic synths are capable of.

The second 75 presets in Bass Engine 2 represent this huge range of sonic delight ranging from moody, deep tones to short, punchy bleeps and everything in between.
Live Bass

In an age where hardware and software bass synths reign supreme in Hip Hop production, the classic electric bass and upright still have a place in the sonic landscape. Both are capable of plenty of low end goodness while still having enough mid punch to cut through any mix, plus there are times when your beat just needs that vintage character.

The next 50 presets includes dusty uprights. the classic jazz bass, deep dub vibes and a whole selection of dope live bass instruments.
Sub Bass

The sub-bass is probably one of the most loved basses in music today, whether its liquid drum and bass or Southside drill you will find this pure bass tone underpinning many ill beats, creating low end vibes that will rattle any speaker and make the club rumble all night.

The final 25 presets include a variety of pure sub bass along with a unique collection of subs mixed with subtle haunting pads, abstract stabs and cinematic textures.

300 Hip Hop bass instruments including 808’s, Sub Bass, Vintage Bass and more
Treated with a Drawmer 1961 Dual Vacuum Tube Equaliser for warmth and punch
Built in pitch, pan, glide and volume controls
Built in flexible ADSR controls
Built in Hi & Lo pass filter
Mono, Poly and Legato modes
Soft, Normal and Hard velocity modes.
Ultra low CPU usage [perfect if you own a laptop / tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
Ultra fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
Program your basslines manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD

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Размер:251 MB
Bass Engine v2.1 RETAiL (SYNTHiC4TE)

DopeSONIX Bass Engine v2.1 RETAiL (SYNTHiC4TE) - бас-синтезатор Turbobit

DopeSONIX Bass Engine v2.1 RETAiL (SYNTHiC4TE) - бас-синтезатор

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