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  • Автор: Rocki
  • Дата: 28-09-2020, 08:15
Изменил: Rocki
Причина: обновлено до версии v2.1.0 (Team R2R)
28-09-2020, 08:15

uJAM beatMaker DOPE v2.1.0 (Team R2R) - виртуальный ударный инструмент

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

uJAM beatMaker DOPE v1.0.0 CE (Team V.R) - виртуальный ударный инструмент

uJAM beatMaker DOPE - виртуальный ударный инструмент для стилей хип-хоп и рэп.

Dirt Keeps the Funk Alive
Think of Beatmaker Dope as your friend who works at the local record store and has been digging through classic records for the past 20 years to create the most authentic drums you could ask for, but on top of that he's also great at mixing.

Special Control: Vinyl Drive
Vinyl Drive simulates retro turntable noise & compression to add that retro dirt and punch we all love so much.

As Raw as It Gets!
Beatmaker Dope features a selection of carefully crafted drum kits and loads of matching grooves, integrated with professional mixing tools, ready whenever you need genre-authentic, great-sounding beats. Drum kits are professionally layered, compiled and mixed, but still with enough room for your own creativity and to give it your signature sound.


•A virtual beat maker for street-credible
•Hip Hop, Boom Bap and Rap tracks
•30 styles, 690 patterns (intro, verse, chorus, fill, ending)
•Custom FX algorithms: Sweep, Ambience, Vinyl Drive
•A powerful mixing console under the hood
•with 6 smart mix presets
•5 drum kits

BM-DOPE v2.1.0 AAX legit original version does not work at all because dev
put wrong AES key and RSA key to decrypt the resource. R2R injected custom
code to swap the keys to correct one, so you don't need to care :) Tested
under PT 12.5 by AudioUTOPiA.

After 2018, UJAM changed their software engine to javascript (node-js) based
one. All script files are encrypted by AES128 and signed by SHA256/RSA2048.
To see how the program and protection are working, cracker need to decrypt
those scripts (then read and understand). To patch, you need to re-encrypt
the script and re-sign all scripts again by own RSA key (then patch DLL to
modify the RSA key to validate those re-signed scripts).

This time, we injected custom machine code to DLL, and dynamically swap the
authorization related scripts to our own one which has only simple logic to
enable all functions and put valid auth JSON data. If you are a cracker, have
fun checking the DLL file to see how we did it :)

Virtual Drummer v2.0.0 by VR is amazingly bad cracked - who tries to patch
Chrome.exe to hack javascript browser game? That's what they did! We were
lost for words!

Сайт разработчика:uJAM
Размер:44 Мб
beatMaker DOPE v2.1.0 (Team R2R

uJAM beatMaker DOPE v2.1.0 (Team R2R) - виртуальный ударный инструментTurbobit

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