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Rob Papen Punch-2 v1.0.1a (Team R2R) - виртуальная драм-машин

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Rob Papen Punch2 v1.0.1a (Team R2R) - виртуальная драм-машин

Rob Papen Punch-2 - использование комбинации синтеза / сэмплов ударных и встроенного секвенсора паттернов для запуска ударов уже сделало Punch уникальной драм-машиной, которая полюбилась многим после ее первого выпуска!

Теперь, добавив еще больше моделей драм синтеза и представив совершенно новый главный экран, который позволяет быстро создавать новые наборы ударных, Punch-2 продолжает свое наследие, как передовая драм-машина ... но с большим количеством дополнительных добавленных перфораторов !

Things do not stop there though, the interface and the synthesis sound options have been expanded greatly! Punch-2 now allows you to import your own REX files and samples to turn into your own loops. You can map out REX files or sample slices to individual pads and combine these creatively with the sounds & pattern sequencer found inside Punch-2! Further editing of REX files or Sliced pads is also possible, using filters, envelopes...routing into one of the 4 FX modules. And yes, you can even use granular synthesis on the REX and Slice pads!

Feature-wise there is almost too much to mention here! For instance, there is a full new ‘Master’ section with EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Stereo/mono split filter, and layout mixer.

Last but not least, Punch-2 also comes with a vast amount of included sounds, ready to groove into your music and productions!


24-PAD Drum synthesizer for PC and Mac. 64bit AU/VST/AAX
Separate Stereo and Multi-output versions installed upon installation.
Punch-BD also included upon installation
GUI size options: 100%, 150% and 200%
New Main Page for quick and easy editing for all pads.
Freely selectable mode for each pad. These are from a choice of model, sample based or
based on Slices/REX.
Each pad has a ‘distortion module’ with 19 different types.
900+ Drum kits (presets)
2500+ Drum presets (presets for various drum types)
1300+ pre-installed HQ samples
400+ integrated HQ samples
150+ pre-installed Loops/Rex files
Drum Models:
4 BD models
2 SN models
3 HH models
2 Tom models
3 Clap models
14 Percussion models including String and Additive synthesis
3 User waves for various models

Built-in samples for pads:
BD, SNARE, HH, Clap, Tom, and User
over 400 integrated HQ samples

Sample pad:
Drag and drop feature
Each sample pad can work with 3 sample layers at once.
Velocity Split, Mix and Alternate play modes.
Sample pad has a multimode filter, pitch envelope and LFO built in for each sample.
Granular mode available with size, random and length features.
Over 1300 pre-installed HQ samples

Slice pad:
Slice a sample into the pads.
Slice modes are 'equal', 'automatically' and 'tempo based'
Granular mode available with size, random and length feature.
Filter and AMP envelope for each Slice pad.
REX file import.
MIDI file export for slice pads
Over 150 pre-installed Slices and REX files.

Pattern page:
8 Sequences (grooves and breaks) available, each containing 4 tracks.
Audition menu, which allows to combine the 8 sequences including Slice/REX loop play (if active)
Extract to MIDI feature for the pattern sequences.
Each track has additional features like 'tune', ‘pan’ and 'envelope speed'.

Master page:
4 band EQ with 'parallel EQ'
High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter (12dB).
Mono/Stereo filter.

Easy page:
15 sliders to control all 24 pads to add some creative and dynamic changes to a drum kit.

FX Page:
4 FX processors with different path options and a brand new mixer mode.
31 different FX types: Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Tape Delay, Comb Filter, HQ Reverb,
Chorus, Tape Chorus, Chorus /Delay, Flanger, Tape Flanger, Ensemble, Phaser, Analog Phaser,
Distortion, Multi Distort, Low-Fi, Amp Sim, Cabinet, Waveshaper, Clipper, Widener, AutoPan, Gator,
Ring-Mod, Filter, WahWah Delay, AutoWah, Equalizer, Compressor, Noise-Gate, Freq Shift.

Bank manager:
Bank manager to manage all 'kit presets', 'drum presets' and 'patterns'.

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