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Причина: обновлено до версии Genesis Pro v1.0.2 (Team R2R)
6-05-2020, 17:26

OZ-Soft Genesis Pro v1.0.2 (Team R2R) - синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

Ummet Ozcan - Genesis Pro x64 x86 VST WiN RETAiL - синтезатор

OZ-Soft Genesis Pro может выполнять субстрактив, искажение фазы, FM и ROM синтез. Он имеет три осциллятора, которые могут генерировать звуки независимо или одновременно. Вы можете плавно переходить между ними в режиме реального времени с помощью специального слайдера. К каждому генератору может быть применен фильтр. На выбор доступно восемь типов фильтров и пять режимов насыщения. Genesis Pro также имеет 32-ступенчатый секвенсор, арпеджиатор и имеет возможность загружать внешние пользовательские MIDI-последовательности. Он позволяет вам разделить эти последовательности между верхней и нижней клавишами клавиатуры и даже разделить клавиатуру, чтобы вы могли играть на одном инструменте одной рукой, а другой - другой.

There’s a massive variety of modulation capabilities. You can modulate any knob on the interface, and every knob animates in real-time to show you what’s going on. There is a “connect everything to everything” feel to it, which is even more apparent in the modulation matrix function and the fact that the five ASDR envelopes can be connected to over 100 destinations.

Genesis Pro also has a mastering section (with a filter, limiter, more saturation, and a stereo widener) and an impressive array of fourteen built-in effects, including a whopping twelve types of distortion, an eight-stage phaser, delay, ‘hyperspace’ reverb and a vowel filter (accompanied by an amusing graphic on its central screen). To top it off, for ease of use, you can assign commands from CTRL+1 to CTRL+8, and there is a ‘Picasso mode’ with an extensive range of aesthetic customization options – though it already looks very slick.

Are you not entertained?

However, these weren’t the features that excited me or stuck out to me the most. The things I loved the most were the dynamic link, the alpha knob, intelligent chord mode, and the x-gen tone generator.

The dynamic link opens up the Genesis to the rest of your DAW – you can use it to apply any tool in your arsenal to what’s going on inside the synth – for modulation, or for using sound signals (including your voice) to trigger events in the Genesis. The alpha knob acts as a master knob for anything that you care to assign to it – click a few buttons, and all of a sudden, you can control lots of knobs at once using the alpha. The intelligent chord mode and x-gen tone generator are two of those features I mentioned earlier, that seems to only be there to make things easier for the less advanced. The intelligent chord mode is exactly what it sounds like – you can assign a complicated chord to be played using only one key.

Finally, the x-gen tone generator is what, most newcomers will probably be the most excited about. It is a screen where you can choose from either ‘soft tone,’ ‘hard tone’ or ‘plucked tone,’ and each time you click your preferred option, the tone generator will make your sound softer, harder, or more plucked. Then you can move to the effects and layering screen for further options. What’s not to love about that? When you click your preferred option, the relevant knobs and functions on the interface light up to show you what’s going on. So not only does Genesis Pro do the job for you via an algorithm, but it also shows you what’s it’s doing as it does it.

v1.0.2 - OZ fixed some of the issue.

We saw "cracking 1 euro software does not make sense" in some forums,
however, after checking this program deeply, we are now sure that we need
to release this to disclose the problems of this software.
Activation has flaw
Activation is WebAuth based C&R. Computer Name + CPUID + HDD Serial to
identify the computer. Registry value and license file will be saved to the

Registry value is "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Oz-Soft\GenesisPro" "licenseKey".

However, develper put WCHAR array to ANSI Registry API.
Value will be saved to "HKCU\S" "l".
Obviously not tested.

Their internal license helper is linked with MSVC14 runtime but not included.
Some users can't launch and they will have invalid license issue. Our one
does not even include that license helper because it's not needed.

To avoid additional issue, we cracked their license this time. When they
release working software with working licensing system, we will try keygening
like always :)

RAM Usage
This info should be addressed by official web site.

* 1 instance of Genesis Pro needs about 600MB.

Because 32bit addressing space is 2GB, the 32bit space will be easily dried
up by loading few instances. (Technically you can use 3GB+ RAM in modern
32bit process but most audio hosts + plugins crashes after using 2GB even
with "Large Address Aware" options).

Double Cheese Burger
Genesis Pro is made with SynthEdit.
Genesis Pro includes internal VST plugin made with FlowStone.
We think developer is better to strip the complete protection codes from the
software. To hire good engineer who can code good working WebAuth system,
it costs more than protecting it. Supporting users also costs a lot!

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