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Native Instruments Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 x64 (Team R2R) - синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

Native Instruments Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 x64 (Team R2R) синтезатор

Native Instruments Super 8 R2 v2 добавит классические теплые, насыщенные тона винтажных синтезаторов к вашим современным постановкам. SUPER 8 дает вам веселый, простой способ принести прошлое в ваше настоящее. Наберите пресеты, начиная от басов и лидов к падам и специальные эффекты. Настраивайте свои тона все, что вам нужно, с помощью простого, современного интерфейса VST 3, который всегда держит вас в сладком месте инструмента.


- Современный взгляд на старинные полисинтетические звуки в веселом восьмиголосном инструменте
- 550+ пресетов, которые быстро вызывают вдохновение
- Простой в использовании, вдохновляющий интерфейс, который стимулирует творческие эксперименты

SUPER 8 makes it easy to tweak your sound through a clean, next-generation interface. Use simple sliders to blend up to four waveforms for each of the two oscillators. Mix the oscillators, sync them, and fold in FM oscillation for a digital edge. Apply low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass filtering, then use ASDR sliders to make quick changes to filter and amplifier envelopes.

Add motion to your patches by diving into the interface’s modulation section. Choose one or more mod waveforms, then dial in speed and phase. For maximum creative flexibility, use mod routing to map almost any source to any destination.

Need something fast? Get started right away with any of the 550+ presets – from rich analog strings and ethereal pads to deep basses, biting leads, electronic percussion, and unusual effects. Patches were inspired by legendary synths from Roland, Sequential Circuits, and others. But SUPER 8 has a character all its own. Modern presets give you combinations of oscillators, filters, and modulation settings that wouldn’t have been possible on original hardware.

Explore the full range of SUPER 8’s creative possibilities with your MIDI controller. Drive the SUPER 8 pitch wheel, mod wheel, and touch strip controls from your hardware to produce expressive leads, shifting soundscapes, and evolving textures. You can set parameters directly from the interface’s front page – or take advantage of automatic parameter mapping using a KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard. With SUPER 8’s flexible mod routing, you can adjust pitch, modulation, filtering, keytracking, and more – all in real time.

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Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 x64 (Team R2R)

Native Instruments Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 x64 (Team R2R) - синтезаторTurbobit


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