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Native Instruments Rounds v1.2.0.3 HYBRID (Team R2R) - синтезатор для Reaktor

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Native Instruments - Rounds v1.0.0.HYBRID (Team R2R) - синтезатор

Native Instruments - Rounds является новаторским инструментом, стирая грани между современным звуковым дизайном и передовыми методами секвенцирования. Играйте мелодии, аккорды, арпеджио и в то же время производите секвенцирование и морфинг звуковой палитры в реальном времени. Вдохновляющая производительность машины Native Instruments - Rounds с несомненной мощью и эволюцией синтеза программного обеспечения.


ROUNDS comes with one analog and one digital synth engine. Both give you every essential parameter in a stripped-down, no-fuss layout. Design up to eight sounds per engine – each with its own independent parameter settings – then sequence them with the Voice Programmer.

The analog engine is inspired by a classic, two-oscillator synth. The sound is warm and harmonically-rich – the revered analog sound courtesy of NI’s synth expertise.

The digital side of ROUNDS is an FM engine with three oscillators and a 2-pole filter. Get a range of sounds from sparkling and clean to metallic and dissonant – all with superior note definition.


The Voice Programmer gives ROUNDS its magic. It contains eight blocks with four cells each. Each cell hosts one sound. Set these 32 sound slots in motion to create your own rhythmic sound sequence. Five different voicing modes determine the sound distribution on different cells. An additional modifier lets you adjust each voicing mode even further.


Perform stunning, on-the-fly sequence shifts in real time. The Remote Octave feature maps on/off assignments for blocks to the white keys on your keyboard. Cells get mapped to black keys and you can turn them on and off in any combination and in real time. Assign up to eight macros and tweak parameters from your hardware. You can also the Multi-Edit view to easily edit one parameter across all sounds at once.


ROUNDS has high-quality delay and reverb effects on board. Choose from classic or grain delays, and use the dedicated LFO to create flanging and chorus effects. The reverb is a new algorithm exclusive to ROUNDS. And because the effects are integrated in the synthesizer, you can sequence each effect per sound for bursts of rhythmic echo and space.

Примечание: Вам потребуется установленный Reaktor 6

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