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Roland SH-101 PLUG-OUT v1.1.5 (TEAM R2R) - синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

Roland - SH-101 PLUG-OUT v1.0.2 Regged (TEAM R2R) - синтезатор

Roland - SH-101 PLUG-OUT - воссозданный до мельчайших деталей знаменитый синтезатор SH-101, которые делают его одним из самых популярных классических синтезаторов всех времен. Roland SH-101 Plug-Out не только воспроизводит легендарные звуки SH-101, но точно воссоздает поведение его аналоговых схем.

Capturing the Original
The now legendary SH-101 was a monophonic synthesizer launched by Roland in 1982. In contrast to the many complex synthesizers available at the time, the SH-101 quickly became popular for its characteristic tone and simple one-VCO > one-VCF > one-VCA > one-LFO structure. A legion of artists found it quick to program and adept at bright edgy tones and exciting sound effects. Thirty years later, the SH-101’s hallmark sounds continue to be sought after by electronic artists the world over.

- Total authenticity through face-to-face consultation with the original designers and relentless research beyond the original schematics
- Meticulously recreated oscillator and filter behavior - hallmarks of the SH-101 sound
- Authentic behaviors including the unique interaction between low pass filter and envelope controls
- Faithfully reproduces the unstable fluctuations that resulted from quirks in the SH-101’s circuitry
- Classic SH-101 synth sounds - bass, lead, noise, and sound effects.
- Software layout features standard gray model, as well as red and blue models originally sold as limited editions.

SH Evolved
Go beyond the original hardware with enhanced tone shaping options and seamless DAW integration via AU and VSTi plugin interfaces. Full PLUG-OUT support means you can use SYSTEM-1 as a dedicated controller and even use the SH-101 without a computer. The freedom of hardware. The flexibility of software. The sound of a legend.

- Two envelope sections allow different settings for VCF and VCA while maintaining the option of classic SH-101 envelope behavior.
- Reverb, chorus, delay and crusher effects that were not included in the original.
- Run as many instances as your computer can handle.
- Use SYSTEM-1 as a dedicated USB keyboard controller with lighted knobs and sliders that show only available parameters.
- PLUG-OUT with SYSTEM-1 lets you take an authentic SH-101 wherever you go, from mobile production to live performance.
- Transfer sounds between SYSTEM-1 and SH-101 with PLUG-OUT
- Supports Macintosh and Windows, and AU and VSTi formats.

Developer changed the protection. Every plugin uses sockect communication to
transfer the data between RolandCloudManager (local web server) via SSL/TSL.
Size of plugins are increaed by 5MB - 10MB.

Because we think doing SSL/TSL server emulation can be big overhead, releases
are now pre-cracked instead of working with emulators.

Roland Cloud plugins are bad coded and not tested well by the developer. We
found many issues during the test (especially VST3 version). If you have
problem with plugins, try other formats (VST2/VST3) or uninstall it :)

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