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Wide Blue Sound ECLIPSE 1.2 (KONTAKT) - синтезатор

Категория: Сэмплы / Kontakt

Wide Blue Sound - ECLIPSE (KONTAKT) - синтезатор

Wide Blue Sound - ECLIPSE - софт синтезатор, который как утверждают, предлагает "звук, который темнее, тяжелее, более мощный и агрессивный".

Under the hood, the synthesis engine ‘orbits’ between four sound channels to create timbres that infinitely evolve over time. The channels can be shaped with several filter types, followed by a custom global FX chain and four powerful sequencers that offer deep modulation over most every element of the instrument.

At the heart of Eclipse’s sound is the Triple Engine Design:

Pulse Mode creates modern tonal pulses,
Chop Mode an electronic/stuttered style, and
Flow Mode for pads and textures.

“ORBIT gave composers and producers an amazing palette of unique new colors and rhythms. There’s nothing else like it out there,” said Wide Blue Sound Founder and composer Jeff Rona. “But we wanted to take things in a much much darker direction – something you need all the time for scoring games and a lot of film and TV. ECLIPSE makes some truly brooding, tense and twisted sounds that are useable and musical.”

Alongside the release of ECLIPSE, Wide Blue sound is offering free Launchpad software for iPad and Android Tablets running Lemur (sold separately) as an added benefit for customers. Launchpad is designed to be a creative tool that makes working with Eclipse and Orbit more fun and engaging.

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